Do you have a minimum amount of time or pages to write during your daily journaling routine? How much? 🤔

Clyde Z.
No, I don’t set a time or word count limit for myself. I just let out as much as I can and do it at a time when I don’t have to worry about anything else. But if there is a schedule you keep to, I’d just keep my eye on the clock.
Lylou O.
I don’t have a minimum amount of time or pages, I just need to at least do something everyday. I travel for my job and often can work 10-12 days. It doesn’t always allow for ironclad rules. Sometimes it’s 4-5 pages, sometimes a paragraph or two and often an extended bulleted list that at least gives some indication of what I was thinking or feeling that day.
Birte T.
10 minutes minimal is a decent amount of time to write something. Before you know it, you've written for 30mins instead!
June S.
I used to not, but after reading the Artist Way (highly recommend) I’ve started making sure to fill up three whole pages! It’s changed my life and accelerated my self discovery and actualizations significantly!!
Annie U.
One day you might just need one sentence to write what you have on your mind, another day you might need pages… there’s no set rule.
Dick A.
I try not to use point form style too often but O like to write my raw emotions out& the river of words flow& my right hannd appears to be possessed. I also journal with Arr
Brunhilde U.
I started really small, and with just one page and trying to detail at least in that much. I feel if you overdo a habit in the start, you might not want to come back to it the next time when you’re have a time constraint