Do you find it easier to stick to a routine if you have a workout buddy?

Taylor Q.
Yes, that's true for my gym training – it's always easier to go in one car and there is less excuses when you know that your buddy is looking 😉 However, I find in unnecessary during my morning routine, but sometimes my girlfriend joins me and that's fantastic 👏
Sofia E.
Yes, the workout buddy helps you focus. Your workout buddy is there to company you and can help you by encouraging you.
Rose J.
I’m the loner type, so I prefer just me but also maybe if I find a partner that disciplined then maybe it would be easier
Lisa O.
Everybody's different. Some people like working out with someone else, others alone. I prefer to work out alone, but whatever works for you and makes you work out.
Jade O.
Yes!! I find that when I do something with someone else it helps to hold/keep me accountable. So I have different buddies for different things. Like for work I have a studio buddy, they help me get focused on my work, and I have a gym, swimming & yoga buddies:)) I find that by surrounding myself with positive & inspiring people who are radiating inspiration & support, really rooting & looking out for me, really helps:)) oxo
Nessiah Q.
No I do not but I try with my busy schedule and I put reminders on my phone or I may even write it on paper to help me remember
Kassiane G.
I am not sure, because I workout alone in my bedroom. And since Covid I haven’t seen much my friends. I think if I had the chance I’ll stick to do it alone
Alejandra U.
Of course! A parter can help you through a lot of steps in your path. That person is going to help you through your difficult days and will be a support for you. But if you don’t have one, you have to be your best partner, no one is going to live your life.
Akira N.
I’ve tried it somehow but those people always want up and then it was not motivating to continue. But if i start alone from the beginning then i can more easily stick to it.