Can I have ideas for stretch for my hips?

Kathleen N.
lay down on your back. Pull your knees towards you until you’re in a cradle position. Cross one foot over on to the top of your knee. Wrap your hands around your knee as well and pull back. You should get a nice stretch in your hips.

Maria P.
Sure! Do high knees running in place, high lung, and last just stretch! And btw my name is imaan you can talk to me on this phone number ( 316 8071979)

Evelyn Andreea R.
A few good ideas are found in the yoga and stretching videos on youtube – I watched a few workouts there. There is also a good app called Lose Weight for Women/Men that helped a lot.

Amarildo P.
Usually I never focus on the hips but I'd say the one I do is that side on where you put your hand on your hip then lean and then do it again

Alfred Z.
My favorite way to stretch my hips is with lunge-based stretches and the butterfly stretch. There are lots of guides on YouTube that can explain these better (and with images) than I could verbally, so I highly recommend going and checking them out!

Sarah G.
You can sit down and try to reach behind your back and try to touch the other side. (and then with your other hand in the other side)

Amelia T.
I found some yoga poses that stretch my hips. On instagram are videos showing you how to do these poses. I try to copy them.

B J.
I’d suggest to download the Workout Women app, and do the stretch called Goodnight Stretch.
It takes only 9 minutes, and it has helped me relieve back and hip pain!
Just try it out, you never know until you try dear one!!
I encourage you to continue on this journey, even when you don’t feel up to the task.
Feelings change, but the situation stays the same.
And you know deep down, YOU CAN DO THIS!