Do you know any stretches you can do sitting or lying down to help wake you up?

Judith O.
Before getting out of bed, I like to start with some deep breaths and stretching my arms up over my head as far as I can reach while also stretching my legs reaching to the end of the bed with pointed toes, as far as they will reach. Hold the stretch for a few seconds. With left leg straight, pull your right leg up toward your chest to open your hip and stretch your glutes, then gently pull your knee over to the left, pulling it over your left thigh and holding a few seconds. Repeat with your other leg.

Universina P.
sit on bump, stretch out both legs and bend forwards towards your knees trying to touch toes and breathe out whilst bending towards knees

Lauren E.
Hamstring stretches. While lying prone, extend left leg and using your hands wrapped around your thigh, pull your bent knee/extended leg into your chest. This can be done with an extended leg for more stretch or a bent knee for an easier stretch.

Pedro W.
Keep your upper body still upwards, open ur arms to the sides, bend your knees and slowly move your lower body (down from the belly and legs) to the left and then right. Do it for 10 times.

F Bia C.
I can raise my arms above my head. I can pull my knee to my chest. I can bend my leg and cross it over the other and vice versa. I can move my feet in circles.

Riley T.
While lying down you can do the ovearhead stretch which has extend your arms over your head and stretch your body from your toes to your fingers. You can also do the ”knee to chest” stretch. Bring one and/or both knees to your chest and gently hold it/them. Also, while lying down you can do some knee rolls if that feels good. Hold your legs together and slowly roll your knees from side to side. Make sure your shoulders are touching the bed.
While sitting you can do chest and back stretches. For chest having your shoulders back and down and hands on hips then pushing your chest up and out. For back try clasping both hands and extending arms out in front of you at shoulder level. Then look down and slightly round your back.
Hopefully you find some of these useful, best of luck to you!

Valeri E.
1. Seated twist
2. Full body stretch
3. Supine twist
4. Bringing knees into chest
5. Bridge pose
6. Child’s pose
7. Cat/cow

Theodore S.
I am a gymnast so I usually stretch with doing the spits or backbends. This is very different then what non-gymnastics people should be doing.