As a busy mum what one self care tip would you give to fill your tank each day?

Victoria C.
Set aside some total alone time. For me that’s my commute to and from work. I have a 15 minute ride to and from work everyday where I can’t use my phone, I have to observe my surroundings and focus so I’m completely present not worried and no one can reach me during that time. It helps me let go but also recharge. Hope that helps
Giulia R.
Maybe keeping your fav cream (eyecream is my best pal) just next to the bed, so when you roll in the bedsheets exsausted and remmeber it you do not have to go out of the bed and in the bathroom again. Apply this to everything: KEEEP IT WHERE YOU NEED IT
Alyse O.
Be greatful for 1min in the morning and two mins before you go to sleep. Just list things in your mind for the whole time
You'll search through your day for ideas and realise there were lots of good things and as you continue with the gratitude practise you'll notice them in the moment too. Good luck. Hope you try this. It has made a big difference to my life and happiness level
Ioque P.
Life is busy for everyone generally, dont wait for things to slow down. Be grateful for the little things that happen in the midst of the busyness.
Margot N.
Give yourself some touch and enjoy it and maybe look in the mirror and celebrate yourself and acknowledge yourself.
Also, looking at your kids think: what is nourishing to me in them?