Which stretches are the best to relieve shoulder and back pain?

Heather E.
Lay on your back, bring your knees up to 90 degrees. Have your arms out at 90 degrees on the ground. Slowly drop both your knees to one side and then the other, shifting your hips so they're stacked one on top of the other.

Nathaniel P.
1. Get on all fours
2. Put one arm through the gap between the opposite arm and leg
2. Put that shoulder down on the floor and lift the opposite arm

Mallory T.
Back stretches that help my back pain are backends, holding my hands together behind my back then bending over forward, and sitting down with one leg bent then turning towards that leg and putting your opposite arm on that bent leg to help deepen the stretch.

Anthony A.
Rest your palms on the back of your head and with shoulders angled outwards and press your neck and head into your hands firmly but not strenuously

Kia N.
I really love laying down flat and allowing my body to stretch out as it needs too. Usually this will align my pelvis/ lower back resulting in a pop.

Lorenzo A.
I really enjoy Childs pose. It is a low pressure stretch at puts my back and shoulders in a different position than my desk chair