Which stretches are the best to relieve shoulder and back pain?

Bella Y.
For back:
Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place both of your hands behind one knee, then slowly pull your knee towards your chest until you can feel the stretch along your lower back and through your hip. Hold, then return your leg to its starting position. Repeat with the other leg
For shoulder:
Lie down on your left side on a flat, firm surface. With your shoulder under you, bend your left arm at a 90-degree angle. Use your right arm to push your left arm down until you feel a stretch in the back of your left shoulder. Hold the movement for 30 seconds and then relax for 30 seconds.
Conrad H.
Try to take a piece of cloth or resistance band hold it on its sides and put it front youre belle while holding it rotate it behind you to youre back and if its too easy put youre hands closer to the center
Magda Z.
I'm no chiropractor so be gentle with your body and if you feel any type of discomfort stop immediately.
I can talk based on my experience.
For your back you can try to stand straight with your arms above your head and slowly going down to reach your toes. After that go back to the initial position, imagine to grab the sky with your hands and gently lean back till you feel something is losing its tension.
Also try exercises where you're laying on your back and you (gently) move one muscle of it at a time. Try to move your legs instead of your bust so that the movement would be passive and the muscles won't be tired.
Toni S.
Hey it’s Kinley, I would say the best stretch to get rid of back pain is to put your arm on your back and stretch your back downward it might crack your back but it feels so relieving and it gets a lot of stress off of your body
Zoe N.
Laying on the floor (personally, it helps my back and straightens it up a bit), arm circles, side twists, etc. Sorry if these don’t really help, I’m not the best when it comes to advice ^_^!
Caroline Z.
For back pain cat cow stretch is always good, for shoulder pain straightening your arms and opening up your chest should help
Val A.
All those that you feel lenghten your back like the sandwich strech. As for the shoulders there are many muscles around there. Do some that extend your arms in various directions, or do whatever feels good to
Gabriel A.
Cat/cow pose are good for the back and for shoulders I usually go with mountain pose with my arms raised above my head. Other stretches that help are warrior pose 2 and child’s pose where you spread you arms out in front of you!
Kia N.
I really love laying down flat and allowing my body to stretch out as it needs too. Usually this will align my pelvis/ lower back resulting in a pop.
Julia A.
The cat pose and cow pose are the best for back pain you will feel amazing after just one minute of each although I don't know about the shoulder pain.
Heather E.
Lay on your back, bring your knees up to 90 degrees. Have your arms out at 90 degrees on the ground. Slowly drop both your knees to one side and then the other, shifting your hips so they're stacked one on top of the other.
Nathaniel P.
1. Get on all fours
2. Put one arm through the gap between the opposite arm and leg
2. Put that shoulder down on the floor and lift the opposite arm
Ella N.
Definitely the child’s pose which is where you sit back in you heels with you shoulders and hands reached out in front of you because it opens the chest and back which releases tension in the shoulders. I would also say the thread the needle stretch where you sit in a cat cow position and slide one arm through you arm pit and relax you shoulder. This gives you a good stretch in you shoulder and can result in a less stiff neck 🙂
Lorenzo A.
I really enjoy Childs pose. It is a low pressure stretch at puts my back and shoulders in a different position than my desk chair
Joanne G.
Well I normally do my PMR which is Progressive Muscle Relaxation on my Amaha app it used to be called innerhour but they changed the name to amaha so yeah I normally do my PMR on my amaha app
Shantae T.
Sit somewhere flat, straighten your back-don't slouch- then bring your knees to your chest. Place your hands on your knees and turn your upper body to the side and away from your knees in both directions.
Go as far to both side as you can and you might hear a click since your bones are being stretched and that works for me👍🏽
Tibet P.
Hey man. Lemme if you find the answer to that question too 😄 I've tried the camel and the cat a couple times, and supposedly it works, but I just felt relaxed not that much relieved
Kathy F.
In a standing position I open my arms in opposite directions. One to the front and one to the back. Then I switch sides. I do a forward motion with both arms together then open my arms back and open my chest.
Mallory T.
Back stretches that help my back pain are backends, holding my hands together behind my back then bending over forward, and sitting down with one leg bent then turning towards that leg and putting your opposite arm on that bent leg to help deepen the stretch.
Stacey F.
I started by just walking. I didn’t have the strength to do long periods of yoga or strength training. I just walked. That was my cardio. Then I introduced some muscle building. There are workouts on YouTube that start at maybe 5 minutes. Then I kept building. I now do yoga before work and strength and cardio after. Still just walking.
Timothee T.
I would say laying on a bed and slowly going off the bed with your head touching the floor kinda flow off the bed you’ll crack all the way up
Ruby E.
First, you should start with a small amount of dynamic exercise to get youriscles warmed up, preventing strains or tairs. I recommend jumping jacks, skip rope, and just "shaking it out".

Now, to start with the neck and shoulders specifically, I recommend:
1. Neck rotations both ways
2. Shoulder rotations both ways
3. Scapular squeezes
4. Wall angles
5. I don't know the name, but holding your head to either side, forward and backwards with your arm, NOT PUSHING IT DOWN, just let gravity do it's thang.

Then, we move down to the uppe middle back and obliques. (sides of tummy, which lead into your back muscles. I recommend:
1. Overhead arm stretches for both sides
2. Chair twists/Russian twists

For your middle to lower back, I recommend:
1. The cat cow
2. Knees to chest on both sides separately

I'm not an expert, I just love stretching and amd a yoga fanatic. But always do what feels best for your body.

For some more professional guidance, I reccomend doing some yoga exercises on YouTube by Yoga with Adrienne :)) she has heaps of different types of stretches to help with very specific issues.

I hope this helps!

From, your non-professional yoga guru 💟

In S Q.
What helps me stretch out my back is a backbend and to stretch out my shoulders I do arms circles forwards and back. It help too if you cross one arm over the other and hold your wrist or arm with the other arms wrist. Iykyk
Gina J.
Standing in a door frame and having your arms in an “L” shape while moving through the frame causing you to push your shoulders blades together.
Also sitting up or standing straight putting your ear to your shoulder and dropping the opposite shoulder downwards.

For back pain laying flat with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, putting you knees together and dropping them in a slow controlled swinging motion to the floor side to side.

The cat/camel yoga position

Rital N.
Not a particular scientific proven stretch, but actually i think the random movements we do in bed when we feel like we have been laying there for too long or once we wake up are the best and the sound of ur bones cracking is the most relaxing sound
Anthony A.
Rest your palms on the back of your head and with shoulders angled outwards and press your neck and head into your hands firmly but not strenuously
Samira R.
I love to stretch my bach and shoulder by pulling or pushing them …also by pulling my leg toward my head that helps my neck and back pain!
Kathy F.
For me, the best stretches for shoulder and back pain are arm and shoulder circles and if you can do a back bend that is a good stretch. If you can't do a back bend I would suggest leaning back as far as possible or reaching to your toes. Hope it helps!
Chloe E.
Start by laying on your stomach and lay one arm out and rotate your body the same direction. You’ll feel the stretch in your shoulder blades. For your back, do either a sphinx pose, downward dog, or cat-cow pose.