When you can find every excuse under the sun why you shouldn’t exercise what do you do?

Kaitlin Q.
Tell yourself that you don't have to finish, you just have to start. It starting just means doing one rep, or even just changing into gym clothes or standing outside, so be it. If you finish step one, can you do step two? Not every day is going to be your best day (or even a good day), but if you don't have bad days then you don't get good days either
Pelk N.
If I am giving myself excuses I try to acknowledge that and just do something very little – maybe 5 minutes or 30 situps or something like that. But sometimes I feel I just don’t want to do it today, it’s fine, the world won’t end from that. Feeling lazy and feeling you don’t want to do something are different things
Camila W.
I Will always exercise it helps me get in shape and unless they are very important like feeding animals or work or school I always can find time to fit them into my day. And it makes me feel better. You can exercise for 5 minutes a day if that’s all that works or 20 . I can do a great workout in 5 minutes.