What’s that field that gives you that unique passion of studying and learning ?

Minnie S.
Psychology for sure. I love learning about our brains and how we interact with our world and it’s so fascinating how we can learn absolutely anything with just a little effort
Luke W.
It changes for me depending on what I'm currently interested in. Try finding some inspiration from a movie you saw or something you've read recently. Maybe it's a historical event you would like to learn more about. Or it could be another country or culture you may want to learn more about. If your curious about something going on in the weather, you could study up on your natural sciences. Hope this helps!
Eliza P.
That would be the medical field, which is also the one I chose for my future career. I am fascinated by history too, expecially anything covering the middle age period
Leiliane Y.
I want to improve myself in different fields such as memory, language, problem solving and other mind exercises. In addition learning something new through e-course will do help my learning curve.