What’s an easy recipe?

Marek W.
For weekly lunches I get tomatoes, spinach, carrots, peppers, pesto, kidney beans and black olives. I cut it all up and mix it in a bowl then and pack them in 5 containers and put them in the fridge for Mon – Fri lunches. Cheap, quick and healthy 🙂
Valentin Y.
I have two that I enjoy daily.
Breakfast smoothie:
1 cup Kiefer, if you don't have Kiefer use whole milk
1/2 cup water
1 healthy handful of spinach
2 raw eggs, it's fine I've been doing it for 2 years
1 cup fruit, I use frozen berries, but dealers choice. Use fruits you'll enjoy, and make your experience better.

Chicken, and broccoli for lunch
Thaw frozen chicken, I'll leave it out in a bowl, and go to work, it's fine. Slow cook the chicken till you wake up the next day. Season however you like.
Use portion control when meal prepping.
I used to use only broccoli, but decided that I needed to add more veggies, so I got "Normandy Vegetables." It has yellow carrots, normal carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower. It's good. Again use whatever veggies you like. I'll grab a couple handfuls, and seal the lid, through it in the freezer for later.

For dinner I buy a premade bag of Birdseye chicken pasta. Just throw it in a Pan, cook it up, it's good, simple, and I'm lazy.👍

Kate P.
For breakfast, I’ll eat a bowl of muesli, with a fruit cut into pieces and yoghurt, drink tea without theïne (green tea or herbal tea). Approx. half an hour after that, I’ll eat a banana. Gets me through the morning nicely!

Ps. Try to avoid caffeine in the morning, it gives the wrong message to your body, let your body and mind wake up at their own pace, drink a cup when you get at work for instance. Do this four days and you’ll never go back!

Wolfgang O.
In the morning I have been getting up putting the kettle on and boiling an egg while i get ready for the day butter my toast strip my egg and eat quick and full of proteins
Stesa J.
I have no idea. sometimes too much pondering can even lead to confusion with an uncertain life. not to be happy, but to doubt your own happiness. I'm almost bipolar
Tahlia W.
Yoghurt and mango, or quick oats with banana 😁
Incorporating some fruit into breakfast means you hit two targets in one!
Sharon G.
Cut up cucumbers, tomatoes and onion into slices that you would prefer to eat. Add some vinegar, salt & pepper and mix thoroughly. Let chill for a bit and enjoy a healthy snack. You can add cilantro and a squirt of lemon juice also.
Claudia P.
Roasted vegetables— toss any vegetable in a few tablespoons of olive oil & desired seasonings, bake in oven @ 400 F for 20-30 min. Keep an eye on them!