What top 3 questions can you ask yourself as therapy for mental health?

Briony P.
It depends where you are in your journey.

I ask myself what can I do to make my home happier.

I ask myself to be honest about how I’m feeling
I ask myself what small thing I can do to help myself feel better

Thiago E.
What happened to me? Stop judging yourself, ee have traumas and even our bad habits are ways to cope with them, be understanding with yourself
Charlie A.
Why do I feel this way- did anything change in my body?

Did something happen- will it change your life?

Is there someone I can talk to- before social media?

Cassie T.
Of all that has happened In my life good and bad, what would I change?
and where would I be now if I had chose differently?
And would it be a better or a worse situation?
Ferm N F.
I think the three most important question for mental health are.
Al I happy?
If I’m not why?
What can I improve to be happy?
Sofia O.
1. What tension am I holding onto physically right now?
2. What emotion am I feeling right now?
3. What negative thought am I holding onto right now or lately?
Etta E.
1. What do you fear the most? Why?
2. Make a list of everything you’d like to say no to. Make a list of everything you’d like to say yes to.
3. When your critical voice pipes up, what does it tell you? Who does it sound like? What is it stopping you from doing?
Courtney P.
The top three questions you ask yourself as therapy for mental health. This is a tough question I feel like it's different for everybody depending on what your issues are. So I'm not sure if I'm going to answer this correctly but for myself I always ask myself if what I'm doing is good for my mental health, I also ask myself what I can do for myself to make sure that I have self-care and I have time for myself, I also ask myself how I'm doing I do a check in with myself to make sure that I'm on track to living a healthy, clear minded, happy, life. I'm actually really interested to see what other people's answers are to this question cuz I feel like I'm struggling answering it so I hope this helps someone.
Tommy J.
Short term
1. How do I feel right now? (Mentally and physically)
2. What’s something that I love about myself? (Can’t be nothing)
3. What will I engage in today that will bring me joy?

Long term
1. What habits doesn’t serve me well?
2. What did I do to take care of myself this year?
3. What thoughts would I like to let go of for the next year?