What should I do if I’m used to using my phone when I’m already in bed? I use it for a few hours and I can’t sleep.

Daniel F.
I have had a similar issue and it’s so hard to change your own patterns! I am so used to laying in bed on my phone and then eventually, hopefully falling asleep. When my phone is near me, I always find it harder to sleep and also that I’m staying up way later than i wanted! What has helped me the most is trying to change up my habits and create a routine. At specific times I have an alarm go off to let me know I should go plug my phone in. I have started to plug my phone in across the room so that I can’t glance at it whenever I want! Then I spend thirty minutes or so playing music, journaling, reading, drawing-whatever you’re into that can relax you and distract you from your phone! Giving your eyes a break and getting off your phone can help you get to sleep faster and easier. Distracting yourself from your phone to ease into “bedtime” and also placing your phone somewhere out of reach can help you to separate yourself from it. It’s tough to change your habits-especially to get out of bed when you’ve already been laying down look at your phone for a bit-but I always feel way better and more ready to rest when I’ve given myself a break from my phone so the results are worth the extra effort! Alarms for notifications and chargers across the room are your best friends!
Marie S.
Put it on the charger so you can’t reach it.
Set a timer to force yourself to stop using it.
Set a goal to look at three specific pages and then stop.
Read! Keep a book by your bed and put your phone face down.
Use phone as meditation music instead of scrolling.
Put phone on do not disturb at your bed time.
Deann P.
Like any habit you're trying to break, it's probably best to ease off of of using your phone will in bed. Blue light suppresses serotonin, the sleep inducing hormone. So, first thing's first, use a blue light filter to mitigate the risk of serotonin suppression. Next, consider doing something else – like writing, meditating, or reading. Find positive, beneficial tasks that will outweigh the negativity social media influence can sometimes leave you in.
Ib Rico S.
Leave your phone outside of the bedroom. Make the bedroom a totally relaxing space so that any use of technology is intentional.
Jo N.
Set a timer in the evening when you want to disconnect & stick to it.
You can amend your night time routine & read a paper book, rather than a phone with the bright lights that can disrupt your sleep patterns