What kind of exercises in yoga do you prefer? Which one makes you feel more clera mindly!

Tilde Z.
I personally prefer power yoga because your doing your cardio, you’re working on your strength, you’re stretching your body which is making you more flexible and your blood starts running. It has so many benefits.

I also like doing yoga before bed to relax my muscles and to finish a stressful day.

Emil P.
Bridge pose, all the way! It helps you center your breathing and helps you relax while still getting in a slight little core workout! It’s wonderful for the mind and body, and I highly recommend including it in your yoga routine!
Sophia C.
I've only started practicing yoga recently, so I currently just stick to YouTube videos aimed at beginners. It's still very good for my posture, my back and neck, as I spend a lot of hours working on my laptop. So it helps a lot to unwind and also stretch and tone after a day sitting in a chair in front of a computer. And just a few minutes of yoga helped me reduce some stress in my neck and shoulders.