What is your favourite breakfast meal?

Quiliano F.
My favorite breakfast meal is probably a healthy breakfast burrito that I make at home, typically including scrambled eggs, a bit of cheese and bacon, some salad greens, sprouts, avocado, and guacamole salsa. It’s delicious and filling but not high in calories or carbs.
Tamara Y.
I love having a full breakfast with fried eggs, savory seasoned-cubed and baked sweet potatoes, and some sort of pancake or waffle with fruit on it
Yolanda I.
My favorite breakfast is Greek yogurt with granola and fruit, usually peaches. It’s light and delicious, and if I really need an energy boost, I can put a little bit of protein powder in it too.
Charlie N.
I do like smoothies but I can never make them at home the same as when I order them. I even have some of the recipes from smoothie king. I also like cream of wheat with things mixed in. I got malt o meal and I'll start making that I suppose even though I hate doing dishes. But I also like fruit which is nice when it's cut up. I'm not a huge breakfast person. Maybe if I made it easier for myself to eat and had things ready the night before.