What is your biggest motivation to wake up in the morning to work out? Where do I start? How do I NOT snooze that alarm? 😭

Laura Y.
I often struggle with this to but you got to remember that you get up and work out for YOU. To make yourself feel healthy and strong. Try to remember the feeling of satisfaction after the work out. Maybe drink a cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning, plan something that excites you to get out of bed and then work out right after it
Pascale F.
I enjoy working out so I’m excited to do it. Pick something very easy to do, like a 10 minute walk. Put your alarm at the other side of the room so you have to get up to shut it.
Mark E.
Think of the future ahead, for me I want to have a good summer body so when I feel unmotivated I think of my future self with the body I want!
Bandana Z.
The biggest motivation for me to wake up is to get a healthy body to feel confident with and to start a new day with a good mind, first you need to change your environment, if you change your environment then you will start to change yourself like developing, clean your room and stick with the goals you want to achieve like it is very important to believe in yourself in everything you do, so i request you drink green tea or 3 bottles of water in 1 day! Believe me you need to be hydrated i care for you and many does:)) start little by little and at the end you'll see a new YOU!! and please sleep early like at 10.30pm or 11.00pm at night DONT WAKE TIL 12.00am if you want yourself to not snooze your alarm, and yea when your alarm rings DONT SNOOZE intead thing "if i dont do this now then when? " life is too short dont waste your time sleeping, at the end of the day you will sleep again, and hey sleep for 8-9 hours, thanks for the question love u be safe<3
Hans Wilhelm X.
First of all, I believe that we can't depend of motivation, because sometimes we aren't motivated, so we need make a decision to do it and keep the decision with dicipline. I Believe that the decision making process need to be based on strong reasons.. about alarm, try to drink water as a first thing in the morning.