What is the biggest mistake that you have made that you are grateful for?

Lucy S.
My worst fears in the world were to have people dislike me and to fail.
My business failed and my entire world came crashing down. I tried to kill myself, twice in one week.
Then after therapy & medication and starting a new job at the same time as I was struggling to set foot out my front door, I realised the world was still spinning. I realised that I couldn’t set myself on fire to keep others warm. It was the dose of reality I needed to really appreciate what I already had.
Kl Ra Y.
I hated myself after break up and lied to myself and that was the biggest mistake, but I forgived me and now I create a new, the best life for me❤️
Paris A.
I would say that i made many mistakes in life. But what I feel is that all the mistake made me become stronger and sharpness decision. All those scars remind me to be mindfulness with doing things though
Oliver F.
The biggest mistake I’ve made was getting into a relationship. I’m grateful for it though because it gave me a lot of insight into balancing myself with other peoples priorities, being more sensitive, and improving a lot of my character that I was awfully blind to.
Akhila X.
I feel I'm grateful for all of my small and big mistakes as they have helped me grow and make me the person I'm now….every choice or decision which i have made I'm happy to have for them and take thier responsibility , good or bad however they might have turned to be its all cumulated to be my life journey … I'm grateful for all of it 💫
Anajah E.
It would usually take me about I would say an hour I think! I just have a hard time sleeping so I’ll just turn the tv on and just dose off
Billy L.
becoming friends/close with the wrong people. i can think of multiple, but in general bad relationships really teach you a lot. they’ve helped me learn about myself and my values and they teach me to love myself even when others don’t. losing contact with people who used to make you really happy sucks, but just remember to cherish the good times you had with them as you accept that it’s best to let them go. it’s all about balance 🙂
Signe F.
All our mistakes help us grow and improve in some way. Sometimes it's clearer and in other cases, we just gotta think it through. In the end, however, we can always learn or reflect about our mistakes and end up learning something, no matter how insignificant it might seem
Vito E.
Loving someone I shouldn't have. I spent way too long in a terrible relationship, thinking I was in love but feeling sad most of the time.
It damaged me in a lot of ways, but it also showed me what not to do. I know how it feels now when the relationship isn't right, and it's made me more confident to recognize when I've found something better. I'm with someone now who loves me in the right ways, and treats me the way I deserve to be treated.
Aleksey O.
There are many things in my life that I feel has been a big mistake that I am grateful for and I don’t know where to begin. To start off, is Colby a mistake? Future. I feel as if I am mistaken myself sometimes, by how many friends I have and so forth.
Regino S.
While dating someone, I fell in love with another man. That man is now my husband and the future father of my kids. It was a mistake and I'm not proud of what I deed. But the same mistake led me to where i am now and a I couldn't be happier.
Sean Z.
The biggest mistake I am grateful for is making friends with a person named Maddy. They hurt me in so many ways but without them I wouldnt have my amazing friends nor would I be half as good at spotting bad people. 🙂
Lisa E.
It is the morning of my wedding. After all the photos at the house we gather in the limousine to the church. I stared in front of me to look in my fathers eyes as I tapped my newly painted fingernails on the window. The thump, thump, thump of the road beneath us as we raced down the highway.

I picked a church that I loved not one near my home but not too far. As we rode along I kept praying for courage. The courage to speak my truth.

Dad, I said, is it too late to back out? I don’t think… Yes, he said firmly cutting me off. It’s too late.

So I married a man I didn’t really love. We have 3 amazing kids but are finally divorced.

Victor Z.
There isn't a one mistake. All mistakes made shaped who I am and led me on this path to achieve my full potential. I think mistakes are part of the human nature (even the old Romans knew that, as there's the latin saying Errare humanum est – to err is human). The important thing is to accept them as mistakes, to understand what happened, why it was a mistake and how you can avoid it in the future, to learn from them. And as you learn from them, you become grateful for having thought you how to grow.
Michelle T.
I downloaded Tinder/ Bumble app because I was just curious and never realized it was a dating app where many people use it for hooking up but I’m glad I still kept it to connect with boys
Heather P.
Taking the low paying job that broke my back literally, requiring surgery to fix and years of rehabilitation…including learning to walk two times on separate occasions. That struggle brought my spouse and I closer and has given me the opportunity to begin the healing process from lifelong abuse.
Chantalle N.
It’s probably to move back to sweden from New York for a guy who swept me away. It was a huge mistake to move back to sweden for him since our relationship with need very quickly, but at least I got to be close to my family again.

I also realized that they need me in the sense of time where we ar right now.

Louise Z.
meeting my toxic friend, she hurt me so much but also taught me so much as well. i have a lot of amazing and awful memories with her, but i’m so glad i met her when i did, i’m very grateful for what she taught me. karma was heavily in play during our friendship as well, but it is no longer time for me to know her, only be grateful for our friendship
Garcia F.
When I was in middle school I didn’t like to study , that’s why I didn’t pass class. I wanted to quit school because I didn’t care and I thought it wasn’t good for me because I thought I was stupid . The best choice I ever made was to continue school and thanks to that I meet so many people and my grades became higher day by day with my consistency!
Flavie Q.
The mistake for which i'm grateful for is the time I was searching something else & suddenly saw a video of BAKING & i started baking.. the thing now i just love to do when i'm tired or unhappy
If i bake it gives me inner happiness which is unexplainable..🤍✌🏻
Sufia N.
When it was time to join university, I was so confused that which field I wanna opt, because My career depended on it. I was pressurized to go for medical but I wanted to join arts. It was a tough and challenging decision to make as I wanted to convince My Parents and satisfy them. Today I'm a graduated student from IELL and a lot grateful that I chose what I wanted an dI don't regret it. In the first place I wasn't comfortable as My Family wasn't that satisfied, but they became happy by seeing Me happy.
L Ccio S.
Wow! That's a great question! Made me think. Thank you!
Once I made a decision that brought a lot of pain into my life. Not long ago I realised just how much everything I've been put through helped me grow, become self-aware and work towards being a better version of myself. I am grateful for that.
Sabine U.
Why can't you do more of the routine like if I what to pick power night and I have 10 why can't we get more then it will say to buy to get more
Sanaa W.
I allowed myself to be used by fake friends for a long time because I was afraid of being alone and not liked. My “friends” were not there for me when I needed them but I was there for them always. They were not good friends to have and instead of allowing me to grow they actually held me back from being my true self.
Tia N.
I am grateful to have good family and very good friends. There would have been times where I was disrespectful and didn’t deserve the things that were given to me by people who care so much for me. The biggest mistake I have made was push away, disrespect, and not acknowledge the people that are in my life.
Sarah Z.
For me, it was giving people too many chances, think they would change. People can change, but it doesn't happen very fast or often. I have had many friends in the past that I had to let go of after many fights, but that has taught me to have standards and not "bend" myself to others needs
Ludgero C.
I chose music as one of my majors in college, in an incredibly taxing program. It was the hardest five years of my life, and for a while I regretted it, even after graduating. Then I discovered my passion and purpose in life, and it turns out having that music degree will be very helpful in graduate school and my future career. I was always proud to have made it through and gotten my degree, but now I can really feel it was worth it.
Julia N.
The biggest mistake I made was telling someone off and saying hurtful stuff.I'm grateful I did that because it released my negative energy from my mind and I hope it can also give the impression that I am a force not to be reckoned with
Dannielle P.
Thinking that I’m not worth it. That I can’t do what I set my mind to do, that nothing I want to achieve and that I have been manifesting will work and it was a big mistake. I didn’t realise what I’ve been working towards subconsciously has got me to where I am today and for doubting that part of myself I am grateful !
Elina Z.
Not feeling pretty enough. Lack of self confidence is one of my problems. But I think I am overcoming it step by step. I am happy I thought I wasn't pretty enough cuz now I realize how stupid these thoughts were!
Noah E.
I'm grateful for that one time, well actually multiple times, where I got screamed at by my mom. Theres this one time where she full on yelled and that yell cannot get out of my head. At first, it was like a hateful, sort of resenment, type of thing jb my mind. But as the days go by, I realize that this is a good thing. She cares about me, really deeply. Would she have done this if I was a nobody? No, she wouldnt bat an eye. So I am
so grateful for that moment.
Riley S.
My “best mistake” was probably when I was falsely called out for doing something in a group of friends, as a scapegoat, when practically everyone did it and I regretted that I did the thing, and the others didn’t seem to, and they never accepted me, and I decided if they had that of an attempt to desert me, they definitely weren’t the people I would want to make up with. I’m now very careful when choosing friendships, and limiting the people who do the thing out more.
Felicia L.
I am grateful for fi di g the worst job ever. The reason being that if I would not of been working there I would not of found my frie d who became my partner in mu new business venture.
Beatriz F.
Not being the best at my job 🙂
I just changed my professional field and I'm loving it, because however is suuuuuuper challenging, I am a newbie I am always learning something new, everyday a colleague comes to me and teache or share a new way of viewing my work. So basically everyday I make mistakes, not the same though 🙂
Suzane C.
Went working for a bank. And not going to study natural sciences and become an engineer. I learned that "mistakes" are Milestones, and a growing opportilunity. Without them, we can not grow. So is it really a mistake or are we suppose to make them? What if the only mistake is not to make them?
Michelle F.
The biggest mistake I made was to allow fear to stop me from moving forward in my life and then not doing what I need to do.
Now I’m grateful for it as I’ve faced fear in the face told it to leave and move to a new house and town and start my healing journey in moving forward in life.
That’s what I’m grateful for is facing my fears head on and pushing through them no matter what
Brennan U.
Forgiving my self for what has happened in the past and all the wrong decisions I made all the years back .but the mistake that im more grateful for is to keep my children alive
Azade F.
قبول نشدن در امتحان ورودی دانشگاه بزرگترین اشتباهم بوده،اما از خدا سپاس گزارم!چون الان درحال کمک کردن به بهبود روند مطالعه ام است.خدای زیبای من،دوستت دارم
Lauren U.
Giving the silent treatment to my ex boyfriend in desperation for him to change. Talking it out never helped, and I didn’t know what else to do. It ended our relationship and I saw his true colors. I was a wreck, but 6 months later I found my soulmate. We’ve been together for over 2 years and plan to get married one day and spend our life together.
Sunday F.
In high school, I decided to leave science class to social science. I actually felt really bad for doing that even after passing my test but I just couldn't help myself, my fear for blood was really strong.
Emily Y.
The biggest mistake I've ever made was to not appreciate the people who love you while they're here. The lesson it taught it me however, I am very grateful for. "Sometimes you have to lose a part of yourself to find yourself whole again"
Gino U.
o meu maior erro muita das vezes,foi ter ignorado as minhas necessidades,me deixando de lado como se eu não fosse nada,e hoje sou grata por ter me enxergado da forma como eu sempre deveria ter me olhado e sou grata ao universo por todas as boas vibrações,por toda essa potência atrativa que me permite viver em harmonia com meus desejos♡
Asianna S.
The biggest mistake I’ve made that I am grateful for is dating someone who just wasn’t for me. I know this is a common thing most people go through, but going through those hardships with that person has taught me not to accept it from someone else. It has showed me the correct way to be treated, as now I’m treated with kindness and love.
Carl E.
going to that birthday party. That party sparked a friendship that at the time I didn’t realize was toxic. She made me hate myself, but without that experience I wouldn’t be where I am now.
Alma F.
I'm grateful for having tried again and again with my ex, in the past. That was a big mistake because he hurts me so much and I was always in pain bc of him. But I'm grateful for that bc finally I understand the kind of person I need and, moreover, I understand that I don't need anyone to feel good, I need just my self. If I had never had this relationship and its enormous suffering, I would never have understood my worth as a human being. For this I am grateful for this great mistake of mine.
Caroline N.
Staying at Budget Directorate. I had earlier thought I should also look for a job at the NGO’s like my friends but I choose to stay at TCG despite being advised occasionally not to.
I have learn to a lot. I have gained a lot. I am grateful🙏
Hanna P.
Staying with my abuser in my last relationship for as long as I did. It was a 5 year relationship filled with verbal, emotional, and specifically physical abuse. Staying in this situation was my mistake but living through it and getting out of it was part what made me who I am today
Sevda P.
I had feel in love with wrong person but I'm grateful for that because now i know that I'm more than he deserves and now I'm more focused on myself and school
Phillip O.
I don't believe in mistakes, all unfortunate events lead to our evolution as well as fortunate ones. But if I were to consider something a mistake, it would be going out into the forest for a walk with my new dog. I had unleashed him and he ran off after an animal. I was completely desperate and sad, I thought I would find him severely hurt or that I wouldn't even find him at all. Still, everything turned out a way I didn't forsee. My dog was searching for me in the entire forest after he lost sight of the animal. He came to our house also desperate to find me. I didn't expect him to do so, because he is quite new in our household, but this "mistake" showed me the deep loyalty and love of my precious dog. I am utterly grateful for what happened then.
Shayna A.
The biggest mistake I have made that I am grateful for is following a girlfriend to a new city to be with her against the advice of all of my friends and family and without anything there for myself. It was a two year detour, but I believe the therapy and healing there broke through loads of my generational trauma.
Laura C.
Deixar os outros definirem o que eu sou e deixar me tratarem me e eu tratar me mal por eles não se sentirem bem com eles próprios .
Mas ensinaram me a amar me e a respeitar me e a definir barreiras para não deixar todos passarem e não ter medo de não deixar quem eu não quero e não me sentir culpada com isso
Danesha X.
The biggest mistake I ever made was trusting the wrong person as a friend for 10 years. Over that time I've tacked on trust issues, abandonment issues and self esteem issues (the list goes on). I didn't realize how much of a toll this "friendship" took so much out of me I could even recognize myself anymore.

I'm grateful that I no longer consider them a "friend". For the past few months I've been working on improving my mental health and self image. As time goes by I realize should've severed ties a long time ago but I'm grateful it happened none the less.

Cl Mentine S.
My biggest mistake I Made is think what others will think about me and giving people that time that they don’t even deserve
Ky Z.
making certain friends. yes at the time i was happy. yes now i realize how bad they were. but it was a good experience for me to have to really realize what a nontoxic friend is and to gain more experience with other people
Rasmus Z.
After completing higher secondary education in science stream with good marks, I took English literature for graduation.
Oscar Y.
The biggest mistake I made was to increase my spontaneity with others, I thought that the good I offer to others would return to me again, but I experienced many disappointments and shocks in everyone I loved, and that gave me the strength that I have now
Viridiana Z.
Choosing to take a year between 9th grade and high school, where I went to a 10th grade. In Denmark, the elementary- middle school etc continue consequetively through 0th to 9th grade, and high school is not part of it, and not obligatory. You can choose to go to another school for a year in between, and would the decision be up to me who now went through it, I would absolutely not do it, but I learnt a lot about my self, and I am forever grateful I did it.
Gabriel Z.
Losing a job that at the time I thought was the pinnacle of my field. Turns out it opened up many more doors than I could've imagined
Alina F.
I don’t know how to answer this question. Maybe failing some classes, because then I realized that I am capable more than having good grades.
Isobel J.
What is the biggest mistake I ever done this grateful um tough one wait a minute I have an X best friend and I'm actually very grateful that I have her cuz she also make me in the time very happy and now I hate her but I'm I really happy that I had her cuz she helped me that hard time too and now I forgot about her a lot so it's already okay
C Cera P.
Say an excuses but in a wrong way. Maybe our judgement is right, but there's no benefit in there so whenever we remind it, it also feel empty or even bring the negative thought.
Cris T.
lying to a friend (because I thought it would comfort her) but it made her hurt and she left me and I regret it made me realize the importance of honesty
Hannaneh F.
In my country, there is a special kind of high school for studying literature. These schools have an exam to arrive but I forget to attend this exam and its time finished. I was angry about that and I attend to another high school . I find my best friends and I should say they are very nice . sorry for grammatical mistakes I'm not very good at English.
Julie P.
I married the wrong person – my ex-husband and was with him for a total of eleven years. I’m grateful because it’s through the pain of loss and betrayal that I learned how to take care of myself. I was able to do a lot of inner work and recovery from this relationship and family stuff that brought me health and healing that I may never have gotten if I hadn’t married the wrong person. So one bad decision brought me a lot of growth. I am now happily married with three great kids.
Cecilie W.
Don't know how to consider it, but.. Through another person I realized that the guy with whom I was having a relationship (with future perspectives) MAYBE wasn't the one.. Thanks to the "White Nights" I'm here, alone, dealing with lots of inner big things by myself, trying to over come fear, discovering myself. And all of this is happening just because that guy (love of my life) left me without saying a word. All the focus I had towards him, is now comoletely on me. Blooming. And bleeding at the same time, but it's for my growth.
Olivia F.
Taking the HR diploma at BCIT. I hated the material and I regretted it as soon as I took it. I never wanted to be in HR. But looking back, I glad I took the route I did because then I wouldn’t have the stable job that I have to say in product management at Digital
Jared J.
That is a good question. Probably focusing on the wrong things in life because now I know ehre to focus and can pass that valuable story to new generations. But if I were to choose only one individual thing then that would be mistakingly choosing to not to Apply to a well respected university.
Harmony W.
The biggest mistake I have made is hating myself and wanted to kill myself because I wasn’t loved properly. I grew up in an unhealthy, toxic, and abusive household. Whenever someone would hurt me, I would blame myself as the root of the problem. Thanks to that mistake, I’ve learned to love myself even more. Love yourself.
Kadie O.
The biggest mistake that I’ve ever made is being so hard on myself 24/7 about something that happened when I was a young child. A child… if I could go back, which I can’t, then I would not of done it however, doing it has taught me a lesson. A great life long lesson and has helped me grow as a person. I refuse to feel guilty or shamed by my actions of my younger self because that is no longer me. But I’m happy that it’s happened because everything happened for a reason Love yourself <3
Nigora F.
I think my biggest mistake that I am grateful is patiently waiting for my promotion at the Chamber of Commerce. I am still getting the fruits of my hard work from that place
Edelbert Z.
Trusting a wrong person, following his advise that In fact were for his benefits. That is a mistake that teaches me how to put myself a priority and follow my guts.
Jared P.
L'errore più grande che faccio sempre è quello di non riuscire a prendermi sul serio e lasciare troppo spesso agli altri di definirmi in base ai loro occhi. Questa cosa però mi ha portata a stare insieme a delle persone più o meno valide che mi hanno aiutata a crescere e che nel loro giudizio severo mi hanno spinta a migliorarmi e a cercare di essere la versione migliore di me stessa.
Phyllis J.
Currently, not making the best money choices. I’ve gotten in a bad situation because of it. Homelessness, actually. Having to leave my home because I made careless decisions was indeed very humbling for me and I am quite grateful for the experience. I was actually able to experience gratitude while leaving the home because I realized this is not where my story ends. I knew it was my fault and I put myself in that situation and that only fueled me to do better moving forward. I had to progress or else I would risk complacency for the rest of my life. That’s how it felt. I had but one option, keep going. That is actually a motto I have lived by for years now. And I’m glad it was able to help me in such a dire situation. I could not allow myself to give up. Yes, my world was crashing right before my eyes but I knew it wasn’t the end of the road for me. Since experience homelessness, I have found a new place and I even kicked my substance habit. I am grateful for these experiences because they show me how strong and resilient I truly am. I haven’t had the best life but I’ve always had people around me that kept me going. I never had to do it for myself until now. I am grateful for those who wanted to see me succeed and ultimately who led me to believe that I am worth going forward, for myself. If they didn’t help me I am almost certain that it would’ve been much harder for me to realize my potential. So, I am grateful for housing insecurity, which obviously many people cannot and should not have to relate to, but it has shown me so many things about myself that I can’t afford to not be grateful.
Pedro F.
I make news mistakes everyday, but I am always grateful for them, all of them, they brought me here and help me to be who I am.
Jenica Q.
It's my child. I had her unplanned. I was at the peak of my spotlight when she arrived. The challenges throughout the journey was rough but today, as she is growing, I am more grateful than anyone or anything else in the whole world. Never knew that she came from me. Never knew that I could raise a smart and polite kid.
Ioana Y.
The biggest " mistake " was actually the chanse of my life.
I came to work in agriculture, after 8 years been in many positions, working in the office, but I got a divorce and I felt I can't anymore, I was in burnout and I needed a big change. Everyone was telling me is a mistake and I will regret it, but I found the love of my life and I gave birth to the perfect little girl of my soul.
It's always important to listen the inner voice, and not the voices around you.