What is the best breakfast option for someone with high cholesterol and who is cutting out refined/processed sugars?

Ester R.
Egg whites would be a great source of protein without the cholesterol of the yolk. Pairing egg whites with avocado and a serving of fruit would be well balanced and satisfy your dietary restrictions.
H Lio Y.
I enjoy a nice bowl of bulgur. There are many ways to prepare it. Boiled bulgur seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper, and an egg or two.

I enjoy a spalsh of natural maple syrup too! 😋

Jackie N.
Oatmeal!!! I kick mine up a notch by adding fun sweet or savory toppings: cardamom berries and yogurt, peanut butter or other nuts, spinach and egg whites and goat cheese, etc. If you need it to be sweeter, try adding a touch of maple or agave syrup!
Brianna Z.
I guess if you want to avoid cholesterol and sugar, thennn…. maybe try smoothies. Fruit and yogurt are always nice, fruit and veggie soup work for morning too, but my favourite is chocolate and peanut butter. Smoothies are 100% a delicious, healthy, low-sugar and cholesterol free breakfast. I also like notebooks protein based breakfasts sometimes, like eggs and bacon. If for whatever reason you are unable to prepare these dishes, oatmeal works too. 😂
Clifton W.
my breakfast of choice is Oat porridge made using oatmilk + 1 tbsp crunchy peanut butter (use organic brand like Whole Earth) + sliced bananas + sliced dates + sliced gala apples. 😍

If you don't like peanuts, any other nutty butter will do, or sub for a handful of frozen berries (defrost them to make a compote and pour over your porridge.)

I don't even think about sugars after such breakfasts for a whole day. I hope this helps! ♥️

Rachel L.
Cholesterol largely comes from animal sources. You could have a a protein shake from Garden of Life brand or Metagenics. You could go into YouTube for recipes on over night oats (lots of good recipe videos on there using oats, almond milk and fruit). You could do healthy breakfast "cookies". I really like a recipe for healthy cookies you can find by googling Nikki's Healthy Cookies. Look at replacing animal proteins for beans (especially lentils) often to bring your cholesterol down. There are some good chickpea salad recipes for sandwiches and dips out there and Dahl recipes for lentils…not to mention soups etc.
Violette Z.
I try to have every morning rolled oats with oat milk as they are full of fiber and release sugar slower than eggs etc. I usually add some chia seeds, pumpkin kernels and a banana to had sweetness. If you're not ready for that maybe try including something of your old breakie into this so you still enjoy eating breakfast and get used to your new one?
Olivia T.
The best breakfast option for you is oats, apples and nuts. A second option would be whole wheat bread, avocado and some nuts or seads.



Nanna P.
Probably banana or apple with peanut butter or just some salad with fruits. I dont have high cholesterol but the exact opposite. But I would cut out on some seasoning. Spreading love ❤️
Elaine O.
One cup Quaker Oats and up to 1 cup frozen blueberries and water. Two minutes in microwave. Fast easy and good for high cholesterol