What’s the best breakfast to-go?

Yoseph X.
A good egg sandwich. Contain a nice cheese, lots of herbs, mayonaise and medium boiled egg where the yolk still orange. Yummy
Sylvio S.
To me it would be, having a cup of tea with 2 toasts with a bit of butter and honey, scrambled eggs and a kiwi (or another fruit)
In the end, all that count is what you prefer as long as you try to avoid transformed products 😊
Maria Elena E.
I personally prefer to sit down and have my full breakfast, but if i must have it to go, ill say overnight oats with yoghurt, honey, fruit and nuts. Make it all in a sealed container the night before and pop it in the fridge and itll be ready to grab and go in the morning and keep you full and with energy for the day ahead.
Steel Z.
Well I'm not the best at making breakfast although a quick and easy breakfast to go would be scrambled eggs (since their already scrambled they won't get messy on the go) along with some healthy toast and butter! Bring a bottle of water or orange juice as well. Enjoy My Fabulous People❣️
Hartmuth O.
2 eggs with tomato , onion, vegetables, one spoon of oil, a slice of bread.
Thats all, i usually make a big sandwich of the healthy materials.
Behrou N.
Banana and peanut butter is my first choice. But if I was sleepy I eat a cup of black coffe with dark chocolate. This makes me fresh qnd I don't feel hungry anymore
Anton P.
A piece of fruit or a handful of nuts. Something that is tasty, yet you feel good for it after. A banana has lots of potassium (among other great benefitial vitamins) that help fight free radicals in the body.
Raimund X.
Fruit and water, an orange, an apple or even a banana, just about anything would do,
Also maybe cucumbers, they have enough fibers to kickstart your system and give you energy to go about your day, also water will help you stay hydrated.
And yes it’s a very light breakfast but it will help your stomach to get going and you will fee hungry soon after (in an hour or so) at that time you should get your proteins and carbs. Good luck!
Elena N.
Personally I have a couple of my favorites, and when I need breakfast to-go, I choose which one I want depending on my mood. Hence I advice to have multiple choices, because if there is nothing healthy that satisfies your needs at that moment, you will end up resorting to a sugar-crash breakfast. Some of my favorites are a cereal bar with either dark chocolate or strawberries, dried fruits and nuts in a plastic take-away box or a fruit like banana or apply. If you had time on your hands last night, you could prepare a sandwich with avocado and eggs to go, or a protein based smoothie, which is also a good option for breakfast))
Caroline O.
My favourite breakfast to-go is whole grain buttered bread, with 2 slices of salty saussage, with some yoghurt (or cheese) and 2-3 slices of cucumbers. You can change this up of course, but keep a similar combination. As a drink I'd take a can of warm tea (unsugared). I always try prepare my breakfast at home (cuz it's cheaper), but if I don't have time I try finding something similar from a local bakery.
Rasmus C.
eu pego meu café com leite, faço um pãozinho na chapa com queijo branco e ovo mexido, pego uma banana ou alguma fruta qualquer e como antes de começar a trabalhar.
Constance E.
In my opinion it’s oatmeal. I eat it almost every single morning. I throw in some berries, some apple, honey, and milk and after having my coffee I’m all good to go.