What are some quick, healthy, on the go breakfast options you like to have?

Rasmus F.
I make over night oats using a glass jar, oats, low fat yoghurt and either berries or banana and Penut butter!
It’s healthy and tastes great and I can eat it anywhere (just need to take a spoon)! And it keeps me fuller for longer because of the oats!
L Cia T.
I like an English muffin, toasted, with jelly and salt on one half and peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon on the other. For fruit I have either apple sauce, a banana, or pineapple juice.
Yanis O.
I always like to have roasted hazelnuts/sunflower seeds/ apple with peanut butter when I'm in a hurry or I'm just not in the mood to make anything
Olivia C.
I've only been doing this for a few days, but so far I've been having a banana and yogurt. They're quick, require zero cooking and are pretty transportable. I'd like to incorporate more fruit and also nuts into my breakfast routine.
Rachel C.
Sandwiches. You can prep and freeze them, they thaw quickly, and they fit in your hand and purse if you have to get it "to go". Use a healthier bread option like Finnish rye or keto bread and non sticky, non staining toppings.
Eugene S.
Smoked salmon, turkey sandwich meat, almonds, peanuts, plain Greek yogurt. Blueberrys are low in sugar. And seeds. Mmmmm. Seeds.
Justin U.
I fast everyday. I've never been able to find a good way to have breakfast. Personally if I eat in the morning I crash roght afyerm intermittent fasting helpede with getting rid of that " I need to eat in the morning "stress.
Ola O.
I bought an egg cooker that's pretty quick to steam eggs. I set it to steam while I'm getting ready and I can grab the poached or hard boiled eggs when I'm walking out.
Sandra E.
i like to have eggs with some healthy gluten free oat cracker and sometimes i’m in the mood for something sweet so i have some oatmeal with fruits
Paul P.
I'll usually have a bowl of oats with a banana or an apple mixed through, and a couple of boiled eggs I've cooked up the night before to save time
Frederik A.
I prefer nuts and dried fruits. I have these little snack packs that are similar to trail mix, but without the chocolate. They have nuts and dried cranberries that help wake me up and fill me up in the mornings.
Claire S.
A homemade blueberry & oat muffin & a banana or a hard boiled egg with melon but my favourite go to is overnight oat pots with dates & peanut butter.
Hansjoachim C.
The best option for mornings when you don’t have time to put anything together is overnight oats. There are lots of healthy recipes online. My favorite is cocoa/peanut butter/banana. I use banana instead of any sweetener. Many people store theirs in mason jars to grab in the morning, but I just mix mine in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. I even leave the spoon in, so I don’t have to get one in the morning.

Other easy, healthy breakfasts I like are smoothies, hot oatmeals that I toss together from scratch (I just eyeball those, and again, I use banana to sweeten), a banana or green apple with peanut butter, or eggs with various fixings.

L Nton C.
I like to prepare an overnight oats the night before. If you like warm porridge you can microwaved it, but if you like it a bit cold like me then you’ll only need to add the toppings (i like to add blueberries, cut mangoes with loads of cinnamon powder on top!)
Matt U.
Scrambled eggs
Or fat bombs. Cream cheese, strawberry’s, coconut oil and vanilla extract, blended, popped into fairy cake papers and frozen for two hours. Two of those in the morning are brilliant
Laura A.
Some whole grain/spelt crackers with peanut butter or chicken filet/ protein bars filled with nuts and anything I like (chocolate, coconut etc) ☺️
Gustav G.
Some quick healthy on the go breakfast options I like to have is a smoothie, a homemade protein bar or a yogurt parfait.
Romy O.
I find that most decent gas stations have fresh fruit and almonds. Find the convenience store or gas station on the way to work that has fresh fruit and make that your morning stop.
Angela J.
Look up recipes for egg cups! You crack an egg into a muffin pan, add whatever you want into in, and bake it! Easy and delicious!
Dilza I.
When I am in a rush I like to make a quick avocado toast (with high fiber bread) topped with one scrambled egg. It’s fast to make, and have all the healthy nutrients you need to start your day, fiber, healthy fat, protein and the right amount of carbs.
Pl Cida S.
I pre-make fruits, veggies, and nuts for smoothies. Takes maybe 5 minutes tops to make them depending on how much extra stuff you want to put in there the day of.
Pinterest has a ton of smoothie recipes and can help with quick and easy ones as well.
I recommend adding some type of whey or plant protein to keep you full, longer.