What do you usually grab on the go for a healthy breakfast?

Ka S G.
Scrambled eggs are the best! They're super quick to make and they're healthy, I usually take like 3 minutes to make them. You can put oil on the pan and start heating it up while you grab the eggs and prepare yourself to go, after that it takes seconds for them to cook, hope it helps 🙂

Svecla I.
Well I was typing here a long message but it deleted (I dunno how). Anyway for breakfast I usually cook oatmeal, fried eggs or sandwich. If I have no time I just eat what I have: porridge and others what my mom cooked for lunch.

Kat N.
I don’t, I also eat my bowl of musli with oat&almond milk. I have been cutting out my cup of coffee if I don’t need it. (Which I have done while I am exercising in the mornings) I will throw a banana in as it is high in fibre. But if I had to eat on the go, it would be a banana with some walnuts, and some water! And 2 or 3 clementines

Storm F.
I normally grab some eggs scramble them and throw them on a toasted bagel. Then I slice a banana and eat it with my bagel with a glass of water