What do you eat when you want to lose weight?

At N.
I would stick to lean meats like grilled chicken salmon and eggs and it’s based on how your eating the food the amount and the portions of the food and there’s no specific diet I for one keep a lot of dairy’s out of my usual meals like cheese and milk and when It comes to even making smoothies even in the day I would put in ginger root berries and spinach base of choice if you like coconut water, oat milk or prefer orange juice. There’s many other ways to eat based on the person from allergies , preferred foods and intake I hope you can figure and find what’s best for ya 🙂

Nellie F.
When you want to lose weight in a healthy way, you start by clearing out all the junk food from your surroundings, like foods that are sugary, salty, processed and basically anything that is in covers. Next, you replace your junk foods with healthier options, like an apple for a candy. You consume healthy foods in a moderate amount, that is, you should try to eat less and workout more BUT eat foods that are rich in nutrients.

You can try eating protein more than carbs to feel fuller and have better muscle growth. It's okay to give in to cravings rarely but exercising consistency and having the right food will make your body healthier and stronger

Note: I'm not a professional

Chaarmitha F.
I eat everything

I exercise according to what I eat
Drink a loads of water
But when I mention I eat everything I mean I also check on calorie intake