What can I eat or drink before bed to help me sleep better?

Rita O.
I can drink water or tea. I prefer chamomile tea because of its calming effects. I try not to eat anything before bed because I don’t want food just sitting in my stomach.
Carrie C.
Chamomile Tea Peppermint Tea or any other zero caffeine tea-or you can take a melatonin supplement if tea hasn't worked.
Karl Ludwig E.
I wouldn't eat anything before bed unless I'm really hungry. This is because food takes a lot of energy to break down. This can cause me to lay awake in the bed for some time. Aim to eat a big dinner instead. If you want anything before bed I would recommend Chamomile tea, or another herb known to be relaxing. And if you want something to chew on, fruits and non-starchy veggies are the easiest to digest!
Sammy G.
Before going to bed, you should make sure you don’t have an empty stomach so you can go to sleep easier and quicker. Drink water instead of sugary or caffeinated drinks if you are thirsty but it’s best to not drink any fluids before going to sleep.
Anna J.
It kind of depends on what works for you. Personally I enjoy a cup of chamomile tea. It relaxes me and let's my body know it's time to wind down.
Elizabeth Q.
I follow a strict food plan from a registered dietician and she has me eat before bed what she calls a ‘metabolic adjustment’. It consists of a serving of carbohydrate and a serving of protein. An example might be 5 Triscuits and 1 ounce of cheese, or 4 ounces fruit and 2 ounces cottage cheese or 1 tablespoon peanut butter. This helps stabilize my blood sugar while I’m sleeping and keeps me from waking up too hungry. I hope this helps!