What are you’re thought’s on a nice mac and cheese for breakfast? I have that on Saturdays as a comfort breakfast.

Tobias U.
Although delicious, it is a heavy meal which could still some of your energy and make you feel sluggish or sleepy for a few good hours. It is more appropiate to eat at lunchtime.
Emma Z.
It always depends on your goal. What are you looking to accomplish and by what date/time? What kind of lifestyle do you have?: “All and everything you can eat”, Vegetarian, Vegan? These are important questions to ask yourself before you move to the step of creating your diet/Lifestyle that is most definitely going to include comfort foods, cheat days, etc.. Yes, it should very much be a “Lifestyle” and not a diet. Diets come and go. Lifestyles are, well.., part of your life. I hope this helps. Much Love & Success!
Elisabet O.
If this serves as a reward for a week of more wholesome breakfasts, then this mac-and-chesse morning might, in the short term, help solidify the good breakfast habits. Add some protein, though!
Silke P.
I would say it's not ideal as it's heavy with fast carbs and fats and is low in protein. For me, it'll probably make me sleepy and drowsy and I'll become hungry quite soon. I'd rather go for some eggs with veggies and avocado and finish off with fruits to get a healthy balance of macronutrients.
Nora Q.
I love that!!! Haha, I always have breakfast food for dinner so why not dinner food for breakfast! I think as long as you feel you have enough protein then go for it. I love cooking kale into my mac and cheese to pump up the vitamins.
Mago Z.
It sounds good for a once a week breakfast! I would say trying to eat something with more fruits or veggies but as long as it’s a one day thing. I think there’s no harm in some delicious comfort food for breakfast
Heather T.
It's nice to have comforting food every now and then. I myself wouldn't suggest having it for breakfast though as it's a heavy type of food unless you're adding in some healthier ingredients to the Mac and cheese or burning it off with a decent amount of exercise in the morning.
Celma Q.
Delicious! although possibly debilitating. If I eat something that heavy first thing in the morning I’m likely going to be feeling ready for a nap by noon! (Not a problem if I’m netflix binging all day.) I prefer to get up and out on Saturday’s especially when it’s nice outside!
Timmothy Z.
I'm not a big fan of breakfast food so I often est all sorts of things for my first meal. plus if it's a c omfort meal then I say go for it!

I believe that It's more important to have habits that not only keep us healthy, but happy too.

Edwin Q.
I believe that from time to time it is good to treat yourself. Treating yourself on some Mac n cheese for breakfast can be good for your mood. I would advice reducing it to once every two weeks if you are trying to eat healthier. As long as you eat a healthy breakfast daily you should be ok. Though you could add some nutrition to your Saturday breakfast by eating a fruit after Mac n'cheese
Christopher P.
A weekly comfort breakfast sounds like a fine way to reward yourself for whatever you are proud of for the week. It's also a good way to balance. I love pancakes, but I can't have them every day! I might adopt your strategy of planning a weekly comfort breakfast 🙂
Olinda C.
You’ve got my interest as I NEVER eat that food. I think it’s junk. I have a feeling you will come up with something unique
Silje N.
Not the healthiest breakfast, but I guess it won't kill you if you eat a little bit unhealthier every once in a while. And if you can control your urges to only be eating it on Saturdays and not on other days, I guess it's all fine?
M Rcia Q.
I like to start of the day wth healthy small meals so if my social circles lead me to less healthy options, I can still enjoy them.
R My Y.
You need to reward and spoil yourself sometimes or even just remember to not take this to seriously (e.g. eating exactly the right thing everyday. If it’s just once a week and for the right reasons then I think it’s ok.
Laura F.
Whatever floats your boat. It wouldn’t be my choice. But I’m all for eating what works for you and not forcing yourself to abide by the “rules” of what’s appropriate for a given time of day.
M Lody I.
I know the app says a protein rich breakfast is best, but as long as it’s low sugar and will keep you full, I think it’s okay.
Cl Ia F.
I think it’s important that you keep your routine of a comfortable Saturday morning breakfast. If you can somehow make that healthier, that’d probably be a good step towards the healthy breakfast goal. Perhaps whole wheat or brown rice pasta. I find brown rice pasta tastes very closely to regular pasta. And perhaps add a side of grilled Brussels sprouts or something else that might go along well and add more nutrients and energy to the meal.
Isaiah P.
That’s funny you should ask that. Right now I am eating a breakfast based on a few concerns:
1) cost- oatmeal whey protein cashew butter and frozen berries can all be purchased from a wholesaler (like Costco) and are a cost effective source of nutrition
2) the breakfast is tasty and easily stored and prepared
3) I am sharing my financial resources with my boyfriend
Before I did this breakfast… I would actually eat a breakfast of cheddar cheese sauce with lentil noodles from bird’s eye vegetables in a steam bag along with ground turkey breast. It fulfilled my needs for an easily prepared breakfast and met my nutritional needs. It was a lot more expensive and my boyfriend didn’t like having “non breakfast food” for breakfast. I am in the camp that there is nothing wrong with having whatever you want for breakfast as long as you can fit it into your nutritional needs. I have a diet that is rather focused on hitting specific macro nutrient content: moderate carbohydrate content, high protein, low fat. I have a diet an exercise plan designed for me by a trainer/dietician. If you are eating purely for comfort and not concerned about gaining, losing or maintaining weight… and even if you are…there is nothing wrong with having something that occasionally is just for sheer pleasure.
My caution would be that food is not necessarily meant to be a mood altering substance… so I would ask myself: “why do I want this for breakfast every Saturday?” If the answer you arrive at is in tune with your values/priorities, then go ahead and enjoy! Remember: one intense meal a week can cause you to gain a lot of excess weight. For example; many of the pasta dishes at “the Cheesecake Factory” are over 3,000 calories. One pound of fat is 3,500 calories and an excessive amount of macaroni and cheese being stored in your fridge might be a difficult temptation to have all week. I say go for what you want as long as it doesn’t interfere with your values and goals for yourself.
Gerd X.
I LOVE mac and cheese. But this is the opposite of a healthy breakfast. Even on days you’re allowing yourself to indulge, sticking to a routine healthy breakfast is super important for so many reasons. You can look them up and read about them from smarter people than me. It’s best to save the indulgences and comfort food for later in the day.
Daniele X.
Not my first choice, I would prefer almost anything else for a comfort breakfast. But I support the choice- You do You.
Malou A.
I’m not American, so I’ m not used to macaroni and cheese. Anyway I suppose it is good for motivation to make ourselves a “gift breakfast” once a week. I normally do it too, eating brioches with jam. Just be sure to be aware of the nutrient apport and sugar you are adding to your body. Maybe, in Saturdays, you could exercise 20 minutes more 😉
Sylvia U.
I never thought about it as a breakfast food before, but it sounds intriguing! I think it would be nice to add some crunch to it like almond slivers or breadcrumbs. Will give it a shot!
Rosalia U.
For my preference, I like breakfast more on the light side. Too many ingredients, or dairy products tend to make me bloated and feel very full. I personally wouldn’t choose mac n cheese for breakfast for these reasons.
Richard P.
Sounds delicious but I’m afraid I would fall back to sleep! I’m not a morning person so I feel like my breakfast needs to be super refreshing in order for me to start my day off strong!
Ellen J.
That's not a good idea. Breakfast is important for your health. Try something boring but consistent and easy to stick to. And you can reward yourself with a healthy brunch on Sunday. Just make sure to have a long walk after.
T Lia F.
Comfort food is great for morale, however we shouldn't switch a fulfilling and above all healthy breakfast with Mac and cheese everyday. Exceptions are great, because life is too short not to eat your comfort foods, however you should always keep your goal to stay healthy in mind. Believe me, when you do that, you'll feel a lot better eating your Mac and cheese instead of having it as a usual, it will be a like a little celebration or maybe even a reward for being good to your body.
Bernardete N.
I would include a protien otherwise you're going to be hungry and low on energy before lunch. Mac and cheese is a carb, which the bodies burns quickly. I personally like to mix tuna fish into my mac and cheese.
Mads Z.
I think that if a Mac & Cheese is comfort food for you , go ahead if you count it into your daily food calories or points. However you keep track of your intake. Stay strong don’t get discouraged
Ethan W.
I feel as though Mac and cheese for breakfast isn’t a great option, since it lacks protein which is important to include in the morning. With that being said, I feel as though one’s health is more than only physical, and if eating a comforting breakfast once a week is good for your soul, than it’s also beneficial.
Phillip C.
Pasta in the morning is a little too much… Also, I don't like cheese, so this is a big no for me. But, if you needed it, why not? Once I a while doesn't hurt anybody. I sometimes have my breakfast out (croissant+coffee), when I feel a lack of physical and/or mental energies. Finally, don't think that your comfort food is a mistake. It's the number of times in which you consume it that should speak to you. Good luck!
Silke F.
I personally don’t think it’s a good idea! I love homemade Mac and cheese. But not for breakfast. Breakfast is your time to jump start the day. The healthy way, to fuel the body with healthy chooses. So you don’t crash and burn
Erik Y.
From a nutrition standpoint this isn't a good choice, since it contains lots of carbs and fat. I'd always recommend high protein instead of high carb. If you used the food to reward yourself that might be okay, but I'd recommend moving it to dinner next time, so you are not prone to over eat.
Beverly P.
It won’t sustain you for the morning. The carbs will lead to a high rush of energy because macaroni has a high glycemic level. You’ll feel energized quickly and soon after crash into a carby sleepy haze. Try oatmeal, it has a low glycemic level so that same sugar is processed slower
Marina C.
I was raised to be able to handle heavy food in the mornings. Sometimes if I just have dinner leftovers and I am not in the mood to cook, I will just eat that. So I will also it the Mac and cheese for breakfast if that is all that I have. I will prefer that and eat what I have at home than eating out, financially. On the other side, in my current gut state I know that that will create a stomach situation that will upset my gut for the rest of the day.
Gabriella O.
No, its definitely nothing for me!!! But if it Suite you and you doesn’t have any problems with neither fat, nor your blood pressure, or anything like that, then I guess that it’s up to you if you’ld eat or not!!!
Peter F.
It is very far from my habitual breakfast of tea and biscuits and jam. I think is a bit too much, especially when you are in a hurry and cannot enjoy it.
Rayan O.
We are vegetarians, and follow a philosophy that aims to respect the life all living beings.
You can try something healthier, vegetarian and tasty instead, something that is gonna bring you some real benefit in the long run.
Tristan W.
If it's once a week then it should be okay. Comfort food also helps to keep the mood high and happy so from my perspective I would say go ahead.
Antonio F.
That sounds great! The most important thing is to eat something that helps to keep you going throughout the day and makes you feel good mentally and physically. All food is nourishing.
Eva Q.
Not everyday, mac and cheese is very carbohydrate heavy and not nutritionally whole. As a comfort food though, ITS AMAZING
Sean W.
Honestly, I don’t eat dairy and try not to eat processed things as well. So I wouldn’t recommend it. Pasta readily breaks down in the digestive system to become glucose that hits your blood stream pretty hard, although not as hard as bread and sugar. So if you were eating toast and sugary cereal for breakfast, then mac and cheese is better but ideally whole fruit and complex carbs like steel cut oatmeal would be great fuel for your body. If you can make the switch and stick to it most of the time your taste buds and digestive system will adjust. You will find the fruit much sweeter and the oatmeal filling.
William E.
Wow! I love it. I’m no stranger to leftovers for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. Next Sunday I will try throwing a batch of Mac n cheese in the oven in the morning. What do you serve it up with?
Larry C.
I’ve been on a 60 day “Challenge” at a local gym and in changing eating habits, work on a high protein breakfast for weight loss. However, your routine sounds delicious!
Tanya Z.
I think if Mac and cheese for breakfast works on Saturday, go for it. It’s a treat, so a nice reward for eating healthy all week.
I like pizza for a breakfast treat, so enjoy.
Magnus P.
A mac and cheese probably isn't the best idea for breakfast as its not necessarily loaded with the right nutrients to start off your day. If you do wish to cash in on some comfort food on your day off however, its much better to do so during the middle of the day rather than at the start!
Tracy O.
I don’t think classic Mac and cheese is good option for breakfast (or any meal at all). It always makes me feel heavy and sleepy. Maybe try to make it lighter, use veggies and whole grain products? Good breakfast should nourish you and give energy for the rest of the day!
Richard F.
I love mac and cheese but it might be alot of carbs which will let you run short on energy quickly. But if u have a Saturday off work it is ok
Lea Q.
Its not exactly a healthy breakfast but once in a while you could have that as a cheat meal. Maybe once a month on the last saturday as a reward for eating healthy the whole month.
Gwendolyn O.
I am believing that comfort food always a true pleasure for us all at some stages when our mind agrees with our body nutrition and desires needs. However moderation is a key for success on healthy lifestyle
Cathy S.
I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s not healthy and it’s too heavy to digest. Better choices are available, why don’t you try a French toast 😉
Matthew J.
Well, I personally wouldn't prefer that type of breakfast. Since it should be the most important meal of the day, it should be something more healthy. And it doesn't mean it should be something complicated to make.
I would opt for mac n cheese for lunch. 😃😃
Edineusa Z.
I would go with something lighter… oat or cereal with honey and yogurt are definitely better imho. Fresh fruit is also great in combination with yogurt and a little sugar or honey.
Laura E.
It’s an unusual breakfast especially for me that I come from Italy and I’m used to have just a light and sweet breakfast and to have salty dishes as pasta for lunch or dinner. I wouldn’t cook that for breakfast but I would try to eat it!!
Lael Q.
I love that idea. I’m so addicted to Mac and cheese! Make sure to only eat one portion, maybe mix in some chicken or protein 🙂
Signe G.
I believe it’s not necessarily about the choice of food, but the intention behind. I’m assuming that Mac and Cheese is a dish you consider as a treat to yourself and that’s the message I’m getting from your choice .
Lea A.
Tbh I’ve never had mac and cheese, but still in my opinion it’s not THAT healthy to eat for breakfast. Well.. since ur eating it as a comfort breakfast & I’m assuming that u don’t eat it that much sooo why not?🤷‍♀️
Maya T.
It’s a lot of carbs and cheese. I’m not sure how much energy it’s actually giving you. But it’s better than an empty stomach and it’s always nice to start off one day a week with a fun meal.
Christine T.
I don't think that's healthy… It's a highly ba calorific meal and it's packed with carbs. How about eggs,salmon, avocado and toast? Or maybe a cheese board?
Arthur Z.
Mac and cheese is my big favorite, but I don’t think it’s healthy to combine pasta and melted cheese and ham (mamma mia! It’s sounds like a sin already for me!). Even if you burn all these calories during the day or in gym, it’s still influencing you skin health. I’m not good in nutrition science, maybe I need to read a bit more about carbs and fats and protein, but for Saturday I like to try different breakfasts from all over the world. For example, in Israel they eat for breakfast amazing combination: well chopped salad from cucumbers, tomatoes and red onion, country cheese (not soar), a bit green olives and black coffee (they don’t boil it, just put hot water in the glass with grinded coffee), my friend lost some weight like this, but it’s just super fun to prepare something new every week, also helps to switch to weekend mood, if you didn’t succeed on Friday (as usually happens with me)
Blake J.
I think yes, but no. Is it homemade with organic ingredients? Then yes all the way. Is it corporate made with artificial ingredients and preservatives? Then absolutely not all the way.
In Cio I.
Does it bring joy to you? If yes, go for it. Otherwise, if you end up feeling bad for the food choice you just made, I would suggest you to rethink this idea.
Considering the long run, is it the best option for you? How will your body and mind benefit from this now and in the future (considering making it a habit)?
Jeanette O.
I tend to stay away from straight carbs like pasta in the morning. It’s also a lot of dairy. I prefer lighter breakfasts, but if it’s not an every day thing, it’s probably fine! I think that pasta will cause you to crash early instead of giving you the energy you need.
Ella F.
I love the idea but I have to limit the amount of cheese I eat. I suppose I could make it with goats milk cheese but I don’t always find ones I like
Brennan E.
Sounds delicious if you live in a cold climate. I hope you make it yourself? The best way to eat healthy is avoid anything you didn't cook yourself.
Sally J.
Well, I have not considered Mac n cheese for breakfast, I try to stay away from starchy foods. Keeping the weight down these days.
Silje Z.
I don't think it's the healthiest breakfast, but I suppose that's not the point. I feel better eating whole grains and protein. My comfort breakfast would be something like oat meal and a piece of bacon.
Alexa O.
I never had mac and cheese for breakfast but usually I rather eat something lighter and more nutritious like fruits, nuts, milk etc.
Tracey Z.
Hmmm I think that is a great idea, if that is what soothes you once in a while. I imagine it to be a great breakfast on a cold, rainy morning!
Josephine J.
If you're using it a way to celebrate or maybe a reward Go for it :)!!!
But I wouldn't recommend it severl times a week as it's not the best breaksfast. So for Saturdays only sound great!!
Magret J.
Hi friend! I’m pretty biased in the sense I’ve only had Mac and cheese about 4-5 times in my life. It’s an okay comfort food, but if your pursue your well-being enough, one day you’ll find there are yummier foods that are much better for you, and Mac and Cheese could just be childhood nostalgia kicking in.
Delores Q.
To be honest, I am a bit 'scared' of mac and cheese as I am European, have never eaten it and was told it has no nutritional value whatsoever. Setting that aside, if it makes you happy to have that once a week, what is the issue?? 🙂 I sometimes have breakfast with a smoked macrel sandwich (a fish, don't mind my spelling), a pizza, or even a home made hamburger. I think it is a wonderful start of your day if you have a breakfast you can look forward to :).
Anton W.
I would not ever personally eat this type of breakfast. I am from Jamaica and eat a healthy Jamaican breakfast every day. Eating a healthy breakfast is quite easy for me.
Anna W.
I don't have a problem with that, just think about how to add protein. And don't have too much otherwise you might feel groggy with a belly full of warm cheese.
Andy Z.
That sounds delicious!

Are you making it a great comfort breakfast? I would suggest using a whole grain macaroni.

And then mix it up a bit each week and add some things to make it a meal to remember.
-add eggs (look up a pasta carbonara recipe)
-add fried onions and mushrooms
-add a lettuce you really like
-make some home made pesto and eat it with the macaroni.


Lillian Z.
While the cheese sounds good, I would rather pass on the ‘Mac’. Unless we’re talking about setting down I don’t of my MacBook with some string cheese. 🤜🏼🤛🏾
Besides, what is the use of going through all the changes just to fall back again?