What are some positive habits to keep you inspired to find the new job you are looking for?

Gemma Q.
I keep an image of what I'm striving for on the pinboard at my desk. I also have affirmations to keep me motivated when applying for jobs. Also it's important to break down the bigger picture and plan your time. Small steps every day
Filippa G.
I like to meditate, eat nutritious meals, exercise daily, truly take care of myself so I can think about my goals with clarity and positivity so I can manifest a wonderful life.
Alcino Q.
One habit I like is to just imagine what it'll be like to have more money! I like to imagine things I'd do if I had millions of dollars, like buying an airplane and flying around the world.
Elfie Y.
The most important ones are just getting that first drink of water, eating and exercising. It's pretty much like if i can get up out of bed and do the simple things,there's no reason to slack off on anything else.
Dwayne U.
Spend 30 Mins every morning working on yourself and your skills. Have a clear idea of who you want to be in 5 years and how to get there