Sure, what are other Fabulous members go-to breakfast on a weekday morning?

Sofi P.
I like to make a breakfast smoothie with banana, blueberries, yoghurt and oatmeal. You can als add any fruit you like. It tastes good, it's quick and it makes me feel full!

Alani C.
Just a glass of water and banana typically. If we have it honey, fruit and yogurt layer it so you have 3 yogurt layers and 2 honey/fruit layers in a cup and pretend like you’ve got something fancy.

Eloane Z.
I enjoy having some oatmeal. I just get the instant original because I like flavoring it. Mush a banana and mix in a spoon of peanut butter for the base. From there I add in Nature Valley Granola, unsalted walnuts, blueberries, or blackberries. Serve with water or milk and have fun. Today I added blueberries and walnuts. It tastes as amazing as it sounds and I feel great.

Sofi P.
I usually have a bowl of cereal for breakfast everyday. But you can have toast, fruit, smoothie, etc! Whatever you want. 🙂

Charles Y.
What I do is take every day as it comes. And celebrate life, because life comes with its daily challenges and every challenge is worth celebrating with the acknowledgment that you did that certain task to the best of your abilities.

Luka F.
I would like to eat breakfast burritos everyday but I usually don’t have the time to prepare it in the morning. When I get more time I will get that as a habit. Now I eat two sandwiches of whole-grain bread and the topping I feel like that day (usually ham) and a small cup of yoghurt with fruit.