Some recent studies discuss the value of fasting for the first part of the day, what are some recent scholarly articles against this argument?

Sare N.
Actually I do not have an opposite argument because if I have a breakfast after I wake up it makes me uncomfortable like i feel hungry again in a really short time like 1 hours even if I had a really healthy breakfast. In general I have a breakfast around 11 am, and i wake up around 7-8. I drink two glasses of water after i wake up and about half an hour later i do my morning yoga. After my morning ritual i really dont feel like im hungry so i tend to wait until i am and i do some things that makes me happy between that time. After my breakfast i do my daily schedule, tasks and have dinner around 5 pm. If i get hungry between my two meals i eat fruits or nuts or some yogurt. That’s my daily eating habit.

Lee Ann W.
The calories in calories out study which shows that the more calories you take in only if you eat at a deficit you get better results in shedding the extra weight that you want to lose. Also if you eat in the morning it sets your day

Elmer E.
Yeah for me i think that fasting is very important because of my religion Islamic we fast 2 days a week Monday and Thursday is very nice since I feel more healthy and I can let my stomach relax and take a break

Candace Z.
Your brain cannot function without energy and nutrition so to boost your start of the day after sleep (which is similar to fasting due to not eating for a lengthy time), you need to replenish and refresh your cells.

Arumita A.
To skip breakfast in the morning will cause more of a disaster in the long run. The Washington Post and a few more have discussed this in detail.

Darrell U.
There’s been numerous studies that show a full & good breakfast gives you the majority of the energy you need to get through the day. A full breakfast, medium sized lunch, & small supper are actually one of the healthiest ways to eat & lose weight. Because it gets your metabolism started first thing & keeps it going throughout the day (when you’re actually eating). As opposed to your metabolism being the most active while you sleep. Studies have also shown that eating 30 minutes to an hour after a good workout means that your body will burn/metabolize the food the fastest.