My soulmate is using our TV while I try to disconnect. What should I do?

Jabim F.
Have you discussed why you want to disconnect? What are the benefits for you? You might find that they are keen to try disconnecting too of they know how much good it will do them. Or would they mind if you or they go to a different room? Would they mind turning the volume down if they know how important this is to you? Good luck!
Urias E.
Openly discuss that disconnecting is important to you, and wether you can both agree on what takes precedence here. If you cannot agree look for other a book in the bedroom..?
Kenneth J.
It depends on where the TV is. If the TV is in your bedroom, where you are trying to disconnect, then it is a bad idea to have a visual and auditory disturbance in the room anyway. If that is the case then you can explain to your “soulmate” that you want to digitally disconnect and the TV is not helping. If your “bae” still wants to watch, you can use a sleep mask to block the visual disturbance when you want to sleep and give a pair of wireless headphones to “bae” to block the auditory disturbance from coming to you. Or consider that the “soulmate” doesn’t want to help enrich your “soul”.

If the TV is in another room from where you are trying to disconnect, then just avoid that room.

Bobby C.
I suggest reading a book. Does he or she know what you’re trying to do? If not, tell him or her, if so, remind them and try to maybe get them on board.
Jackson J.
Talk to them about! They should be able to understand that you need time to disconnect. If not, then (if it doesn’t bother you) try to find another time to disconnect. But if this does happen try to have a conversation about values and how it (disconnecting) meant more to you than they realized. As a soulmate, I believe they should usually value what you value.
Sasha T.
Take a walk unless it is raining, like it is here…again!! No worries! Find a place to go get some exercise…like the mall or somewhere indoors. Stay Dry!
Frances J.
You should communicate with each other as soulmates. Just tell her/him what you're trying to do and find a middle ground.
Birte Y.
It depends on your personality; If I were you, I'd discuss with my soulmate and tell her the reason why I am doing this.
You could use some activities that you both can join together such as a conversation, read the same book, listen to each other, …
Belchior Z.
communication! be polite and understanding but also maybe move to another spot if possible. perhaps in the future establish times and places so you can do it. explain and perhaps invite them to join?
Kristina E.
Ask if she can use headphones if possible, otherwise do something for yourself in an other room or something else together without tv
Peyton A.
There is never anything wrong with removing yourself from the room to help yourself wind down for the night. Everyone needs a little “me” time, so take this time to focus on yourself and your needs.
Olivia B.
TALK to your partner.
Explain your wishes, and your desire for progress. Request his support for you and your chosen journey towards self-improvement.
LISTEN to his point of view, and try to reach am amicable solution that works for both of you.

(Try ear-plugs for you? Or blue-tooth earbuds for your partner? Or alternate TV & non-TV days? Be creative!)

Kaspar W.
I would explain to my partner how important it is for me to try and disconnect so they understand and hopefully support you by watching less. I would then suggest going into another room while they watch it and make a schedule for tv time. Either tv time together or seperate, and then enjoy other activities together like a board game.
Jonathan F.
Why don’t you try to get your partner to disconnect with you so they can understand better what it is you are doing, to just turn off the tv and relax but if not and you’re disconnecting solo try changing your environment you don’t need to be where the tv is so go somewhere else that’s calming quiet or even outside surrounded by nature
Henry Y.
You should tell him that it is important for you to disconnect and that you would love him to join you in this effort. Step by step together.