Is it okay to exercise before breakfast?

Aust Ja G.
I've heard several opinions on this topic. Not only breakfast, but also meal in general. If you eat right after exercise, you are more likely to burn those calories faster, however that way you are building more mass / more muscles. So if you want to lose weight, it's best to have longer breaks between exercising and eating. Otherwise you might end up having muscles and fat on top. On the other hand, if the only question lies about eating before exercise or after exercise, then I would definitely pick after. I cannot exercise right after eating as my head starts spining and I get nauseated. So all in all, I'd say – exercise first thing in the morning and have late breakfast
Alfred Z.
I think it depends on your metabolism and the form of exercise you choose. For me, if I do something tooo weightbearing or intense before breakfast it causes issues. However, I am fat person. It's really a trial and error issue since there are so many variables. Good luck
Alexander F.
Yes! Breakfast is a literal breaking of your fast. If you still have energy and can make it through a workout with being over the top hungry. Go for it.
Try to help your post workout self by getting the breakfast ingredients ready. Think having a clean dish ready, the eggs next to the stove, the bread in the toaster.
This will sound nuts, I often workout before I have my first cup of coffee!! I do, however, and I recommend this to you, drink plenty of water before.
Good luck and you got this!
Elliot N.
No I find it better if you eat after reason you become very hungry due to burning off fats and those fats need to be put back in a healthy way….so a smoothie or cereal with fruit and yogurt. Always remember to have room temperature water to drink.
Elad Z.
I'm not a health expert – but I think it's good for you to exercise before eating breakfast… If it's some startup getting energy exercises – I think it's great! If it's a complete full energy workout then maybe you sh uld have a little bite 🙂
Leonard Y.
Yes and no. when you wake up, most people are starving, but also you fast when you sleep so once you work out you would end up having a good breakfast. i actually think yes. most people work out before eating
Kierstyn W.
Depending on your body and the exercise sometimes it’s better to. I could never eat before pt in the Army I’d throw it up.
Alex W.
Yes, it is okay, but I wouldn’t do that. I cannot do hard workouts, but I like to go for a short walk before breakfast. Especially it is nicer this time of year.
Laura K.
I don’t if it is okay but I do exercise before breakfast because I don’t want to have my stomach full and feeling that I’m going to vomit while I’m doing exercise.
Sunny Q.
Yes, I believe it's better to excercise right in the morning after you wakeup. You'll see that your body will start feeling very active and your food digestion will happen pretty nicely. Working out in the morning will help you to follow the good old saying "Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Queen, and dinner like a beggar".
Alexandra C.
Personally I never eat before exercising it makes me feel heavy and sick when I do. I also think you get tired after eating. I just drink water before and during.
Qudsiyyah A.
Yes, get your systems up and running. Work up an appetite. Feel the air first then come back and eat, thinking of your run and how you’ve already accomplished something.
Alexis N.
Sure. Why not? Since I’m not eating until noon, working out before eating makes sense on the weekends—just not work days.
Gio N.
Yes, for some people it’s more comfortable to exercise before eating. Others can workout without a problem soon after eating. It all a matter of listening to what’s more comfortable for your body. It’s not a problem to workout before breakfast. Just make sure to keep hydrated!
Silene Z.
Yes if you want to gain some weight, otherwise exercise at least half an hour after eating your meal. For example, walking will be a nice exercise for any age. Have a nice healthy life🌺.
Keri N.
Yes. But just have something healthy ready directly after to be sure you don’t eat poorly from hungry. I like eggs or steel cut oatmeal and nuts.
Terry N.
I think it is fine to exercise in a fasted state prior to breakfast. There are limitations on how much you can achieve. Personally, I can only jog about 3 miles before feeling the need for some energy from food.
Adrian Z.
Whenever I skip breakfast to exercise I make sure I have a replenishing meal, protein bar or smoothie already prepared/nearby so I can grab it right away. Mix it up and see what works for you.
Catherine F.
If that is what works best for you that’s fine but be careful if you do that because then you will become hungry 😋 later
Andrey Z.
I like to exercise before breakfast because when I eat breakfast I feel heavy thats probably because my body is investing its energy into digestion and it's less probable of me to have a effective and long workout.
And also I've heard that its not very good for the weight loss process to eat before working out.
But I'm not an expert and I don't have scientific knowledge about this so it might or might not be true.
V Ctor P.
Some studies confirm the way to be better for losing weight, but if you are skinny and do not have a healthy diet, much exercise would leave you feeling nauseous.
Lucy P.
Yes it’s fine although I i would recommend having breakfast before, you can still do exercise before but you won’t be getting all the energy from your food
Carrie Q.
Yes, as long as the session isn’t long than 90 min as your liver’s glycogen stores will be depleted after 90 minutes. Best to keep to a good hour session and take some water if it’s a heavy sweat session.
Darnell N.
Depends. If it is yoga or some low intensity workout, then yes. But if I'm weight lifting, I tend to want to add at least a little something before a workout
Luka U.
It is ok to have exercise before breakfast, but we’ll need to hydrate ourselves and prob eat something light so that we can have enough energy for our exercise.
Bria N.
I do sometimes if the exercise is going to be light (like stretching or yoga) but for my own personal best results, I eat a light breakfast then wait two hours and work out (doing HIIT) AFTER eating so that my body has fuel to burn
Leila Z.
I try to adapt the routine to fit. 10 more minutes will not harm, and we need to be priorities to ourselves on these times
Alfred B.
I think it is ok. If you eat breakfast then exercise, you are burning calories you need to sustain you through the day, and you will feel the need to eat again. You will be distracted from your tasks because you are focusing on your hunger. I recommend eating breakfast after exercise. -Halle
Sue N.
Yes, I actually train every morning before breakfast. Just have to drink before and during your training. I do 30 minutes cardio hip hop before starting my mum day (I have a 3 years old girl). Preparing her breakfast gives me time to cool down before hoping into the shower