What happens if one morning you don’t have time to exercise during your morning routine? How do you make up for it later in the day?

Bereny C.
If I don’t or can’t work out in the morning I will actually work out right before bed. Like a 10 minute yoga video or just meditating. Something as simple as walking to mail box or picking up toys around house if you have kids, or my favorite working my arms and legs as I’m doing dishes.
Barry E.
Though exercise may be a morning routine, it can be achieved throughout the day. Never restrict healthy habits to a specific time of the day.
Heather P.
If you didn’t get your exercise in can you find a moment to stretch? 30 seconds can make a difference and counts as exercise. If you are doing errands or going to work, park further away from the front door. That counts. Use the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.
Susie J.
The honest answer is I don’t always make up for it. But the best way to go about it is to use free time in the evening to go for a quick walk, even if it’s the least I can do.
Sarah F.
I don't try to make up for it. If I can, I'll go fir a walk or stretch or anything else good for my body or mind while I commit to exercise the next morning.
Ramon J.
In this situation I will commit to a short yoga session before bed. Nothing strenuous or challenging. Low light, relaxing sounds. Just enough to engage and focus on my body for 10-15 minutes before sleep.
Sandy P.
I try my best not to have this problem by making time to eat a proper breakfast as it fuels my day and gives me not only the physical fuel I need to carry out my tasks throughout the day but also the mental fuel I need to function. But if something suddenly arises where I can’t have a proper breakfast, then my go to is a quick smoothie with almond milk, banana, blue berries, chia and flaxseed. I get most of what I need in this simple morning shake and of course you can add other things that you need to give you the fuel necessary.
Di G.
I would exercise after work. Or make up for the need for physical activity by cleaning or walking instead of taking a car or public transportation.
Austin F.
I try to do an exercise that fits whatever part of the day I decide to go. If it’s the afternoon, I’ll try to visit a park because I have more time and it’s a nice disconnect after work.
If it’s evening, maybe a couple of quick yoga sequences followed by a 5 minute meditation to calm down before bed.
If you can’t do these, try incorporating an exercise around your errands for the day. If you’re grocery shopping, wind down every aisle to make a walk out of it.
Same with a shopping mall – it’s plenty big to get a good 10 minute walk.
These things also give you a chance to be mindful. Maybe you stop and look at the different local/seasonal fruits and veggies. Maybe you people watch around the mall fountain and imagine what you’d wish for if you had a penny to throw (throw it if you got it, you never know what might happen).

Most of all, be proud of yourself. You chose to keep your promise and exercise, even though you could have just as easily found an excuse. Celebrate that achievement too.

Caitlen R.
If I don't get enough time to exercise in the morning I usually make it a priority of mine to take a break around lunch and work out instead of talking or other activities on my lunch break.
Cassie T.
I think if I miss one. Holding myself accountable and "making it up" may make me put it off again on the next day because I see that it just builds up to somthing that is unachievable for me.
I'd rather pay myself a bribe.. put $5 in a jar.. it's another kind of challenge. But there is a reward to it as well.
Amelia S.
Child pose stretches, cow and cat stretches etc. Best idea is to YouTube videos and yoga related stretches so you can allow you back to fall back into shape. I always stretch in the morning and before I go to sleep and find I wake up with way much less pain! Spend about 10-15 doing it each morning and evening and hopefully you’ll starting feeling some relief
Christina N.
I will use the stairs at work rather than using the elevators to the 7th floor. I do some light exercise when I come home before showering.
Rima E.
I think it would be for the best if you just recognize it, but yeah sometimes you just feel guilty for not exercising so in that case just exercise in the afternoon as a restitution.
Tessy B.
Life happens. Sometimes it’s just no possible to exercise in the morning. If you can go for a walk after lunch instead or start fresh the next day.