I’m not sure but does it really make a big difference when one exercises?

Emma E.
Yes, it makes a big difference! Exercising can relax you for better sleep. Puts you in a happier state if mind. Plus, build a strength and stamina. If you can't get to a gym, use items around your home. A can of vegetables or a milk carton. Last, take walks around your neighborhood.
Daisi Z.
It often feels hard to go out and exercise but keeping an active exercise routine helps build a strong discipline and commitment. Moreover, The feeling after working out is amazing.
The third thing is that the combination of exercise, appropriate diet that is balanced with the amount of calories burned and good sleep makes you become, feel and look healthier.
Corey E.
Yes. For me I find it makes a huge difference if you exercise in serveral ways. Even if it's just a short walk or just a few jumping jacks, sit ups, a 30 sec plank, and stretches, it still gets me moving and getting the blood pumping which in turn will get my oxygen flowing and clears my mind and gives me more energy to get through the day with a positive attitude because I've already accomplished something first thing in the morning. Another added benefit to exercise or just moving more in general is that I burn more calories so I stay a healthy weight easier. Just give it a try!!
Petra Y.
It does! You have to do it at a time when you know you will actually go. I have to work out in the morning, otherwise I know I’ll get swept away with the day and never get it done.
Asta A.
Don't think of exercising as work. Make it play! Add some inspired dance music and jam out. Not only will it improve your health, your mental health and soul will be uplifted as well!
Oscar W.
It helps with my axiety for sure. I am focused only on going through exercise so my brain is in pice, in the moment. And that feels great!
Isabela Z.
I have heard that it is better to exercise in the morning because it gets you into a flow, it gets your body pumping and feeling more energized for the day, and you get the activity out of the way. However I also know from experience that if I can't exercise in the morning whether because of illness or a lack of motivation or sleep from the night before then I can wait and get moving in the afternoon or the evening. The most important thing for me is to get moving at all. I hope this helps. Continue to be fabulous and enjoy what you do.
Julio P.

But endorphins are released when you workout, making morning workouts worth it from a ‘waking up’ and productivity standpoint.

Most of my work gets accomplished at 4 am on the treadmill every morning.

Livio S.
Regular exercise is probably single biggest thing that will have most impact on your life.
Edward P.
Yes! Yes! Yes! It doesn’t have to be intense, you just have to do it. I started truly working out this summer, using the Blogilates beginner calendar. I highly recommend it for any skill level. Since I’ve been doing that and other workouts, I’ve noticed increased strength and a firmer belly, but most importantly, I feel AMAZING after each workout and energized.
Sebastian Y.
Having done this for…. Uurrmm…. 🤔 About two weeks now I think? I do see a difference in my energy levels.
I'm not a morning person, and I find that I'm less (or barely) groggy after having "woken my body up" with an exercise session.
When I head into breakfast (usually on the go) and steam roll into the day, I'm more alert and less cranky or worn out from the first half of the day than I used to be.
Marie U.
You will not notice the results the same day that you exercised, but if you do it nearly every day you will begin to experience many benefits including better body, less chance of disease or problems with body/mind, more energy, not getting tired as quickly, more confidence, better sleep and more. The other thing is that by creating the habit of exercising and starting small you will eventually after a few weeks or months start to do more during your workouts and then you will really see some great benefits. The benefits are only as great as the intensity and quality of your workout, but by creating the habit you open yourself up to one day having really good exercise sessions regularly.
Danielle P.
Oxygen is something we all need to stay alive. We function with Oxygen, as we exercise our heart pumps, requiring more blood. As blood needs oxygen, you breath faster and faster until you get a substantial amount of oxygenated Blood everywhere, even in the Brain. That is what makes your day productive.
Gertrude R.
To start I would exercise when ever I could as long as I was doing it. In the mean time I zone in the exercise I wanted to follow and experiment with the different times before I fully committed to one exercise and time
Vicki O.
Exercise when done right energizes the body and gives the mind a break.

It keeps your metabolism going, a good analogy is that your metabolism is a fire and exercise is the poker that stokes it.

Building a habit of exercise is important as it takes very little mental energy to plan and execute exercise once the habit is engrained.

Exercise boosts your endurance and strength.

Heiner E.
Yes. When you exercise, it releases endorphins during and after. It strengthens your body and mind. You will feel accomplished that you followed through. Then when you see or feel results, it assures you that taking action produces results. You also learn to power through things instead of resisting them.
Rosil Z.
Absolutely. It helps get rid of any negative feelings, and sets you up for the day. It gives me an energy boost due to the endorphins released. Even on days I don't do weight lifting or HIIT sessions,Just a brisk walk blows out the cobwebs:D
Estev O N.
Done consistently yes 😊 endorphins make us feel good and being more active fights signs of depression. In conjunction with a decent diet it makes a world of difference
Gabriel S.
Yes, it helps your body to stay in shape and not only that but it helps your mental state as well, as you know you've accomplished something and it will help you to feel overall more positive.
Rasmus C.
Yes I does, if I don't exercise my back gets stiff and it is hard to walk or do anything. Exercise helps to keep the muscles moving and limber.
Luca Z.
I can’t speak for everyone, but I find it certainly helps me. Especially when I do my morning routine on this app first, it makes it easier!