I’m not a morning person. Never have been. How can I get excited about waking up early to working out?

Marian F.
Even I'm late sleeper.. but I wake up daily at 7am at any cost, getting fresh and then watering plants covering my 20 min walk daily. It became my habit. You need to get something to do when you wake up. Small stroll, watering plants, going to shopping market because this will give you more fresh vegetables than later when you purchase. It'll turn a habit without even knowing.
Axelle N.
Read books about mornings, see and ask what morning persons do, but most important.. Think about what you would do with some extra me-time? What i love about my mornings is that little moment that everyone is still asleep and I can do what I want. Be in silence, not being in a rush. If you have those mornings a few times you'll miss them eventually on the weekends. So before you know it that's why you wake up earlier in the mornings also in the weekends and on your vacations, just for your little me-time. It gets easier, I promise. And you'll feel more productive. But first of all, start with better sleep if you want to wake up refreshed. Good luck!
Rumyana L.
I am also not a morning person but I found that I love the morning stretches and the time for me. From the night before I am excited for that moment. So my advice is to have ine habit in the morning that brings you joy, that makes a good start of the day
Terrance P.
The night before, think about something you’re gonna do the next day. Plan something to do tomorrow and when you wake up you’re gonna want to do this thing and wanna wake up.