If I only have 10 minutes in the morning to make breakfast, what are some good options?

Sebastian P.
Smoothie. Frozen fruit, a fresh vegetable and some protein powder. Mix and drink on the go.

Nuts and fruit.

Low sugar meal replacement bars.

Leftovers in the microwave. If it’s good enough for lunch or dinner, it’s good enough for breakfast.

Thibaut T.
Quick breakfasts are the standard for me. I'm really lazy so the easier it is to do something the more likely I'll do it. Scrambled eggs are easy, cheap, and super quick. I also keep instant oatmeal around. The kind you can just microwave for a minute and it's done, but make sure to not get oatmeal with a lot of sugar in it. For a really quick breakfast I also keep bananas and RXbar brand bars. They're like cliff bars, but they are made with whole ingredients and really nutritious. They are high in carbs though and a bit expensive, so I only have those every once in a while. I really see breakfast more as a small snack in the morning, rather than a full size meal. Slice of toast with peanut butter works too. Try nuts, or a few slices of ham and cheese, or cottage cheese and fruit maybe.
Glen U.
Whole oats and water/skimmed milk in the microwave for 3 minutes, then asd tablespoonful of Honey, some cinnamon and a banana, stir and enjoy
Keith Z.
Bircher muesli left in the fridge overnight only need adding some fresh fruits or yoghurt, honey or whatever you fancy. Bircher muesli is easy to prepare too. Check out simple recipes. Left everything ready at night so it’s quick to get it all done in the morning so that you have a few minutes to enjoy it instead of rushing too much 🙂
Johanne G.
Boil eggs the night before or once per week. A hand full of nuts and/or seeds. Overnight oats. Smoothies with peanut butter. Whole grain toast. Whole grain frozen waffles. Precooked frozen sausage (only a minute in the microwave). Cream of wheat (you can add a bit of Coco powder and sugar). Fresh fruits. Whole grain cereals with sliced banana or fresh/thawed frozen berries. Prep all the veggies the night before making a quick omelet. Or wake up 10 minutes earier, so you have 20 minutes to cook and eat.
Villads U.
Lightly toast a whole grain English muffin, then gather toppings. I have a microwave egg poacher, so I poach an egg. Then I top with
Gilbert X.
You’d be surprised at how little time it takes to cook one egg. I can scramble an egg on low in less than 5 minutes. If you’re like me and 10 minutes really means 5 minutes because you should have already left for work, an apple with some peanut butter is a good option too.
Albertine E.
Protein shake, scoop of whey protein with a banana and water or milk. Check out Breville blender. Also protein bars. Though tbh I'd advise making more time in your morning if possible. E.g. wake earlier / go to bed earlier.
Alicia F.
Bacon and eggs are quick and easy if you want to cook.
Yogurt with basically anything fruits, nuts, granola, etc..
Overnights oats or anything you can Cook or make the night before tons of recipes online for ideas.
Breakfast smoothies.
That’s all I got on the top of my head hope this helps. 🙂
Herculano C.
When looking for healthy options, be sure to read labels.

Healthy cold cereals

Healthy yogurt with fruit/ granola (fruit can be prepared in advance, or there are frozen fruit options as well, with no sugar)

A good, wholesome bread, toasted, with honey, peanut butter

Preparing a version of an "egg bake" casserole can be a great choice when planning ahead.

Check out "meal in a jar" options, for example, "no cook oatmeal".

Vegetable salads, cheeses, crackers, sandwich meats certainly can be included in a breakfast mix!

Sylvia N.
Greek yogurt and granola are my go tops when I don’t have time to cook. I buy my granola in bulk but portion it out at the beginning of the week so I can just grab a baggie and go
Hans Uwe Y.
You could always try to meal prep meals the night before. Overnight oats, a breakfast caserole, or thinga of that nature. Or you could try something that’s easily made such as a breakfast smoothie or toast with avocado and an egg.
Isabelita C.
Frozen multi-grain waffle with almond butter and a piece of fruit. Branflakes with non-fat milk and a banana. Avocado toast with an egg or turkey bacon.
Arlene O.
I always have roiled oats, almonds and berries made in the microwave unless I am very strapped for time in which case I have a banana.
Jeanne E.
Firstly try to get up 10mins early cuz those ten minutes are gonna be converted into a wonderful breakfast which would result in your day a head start. you're gonna feel more energetic than ever. But if there is no way you can save time for preparing a breakfast (though there's always time for the things you like) just grab a banana or an apple or peanut butter on bread.you can put a handful of dry fruits too. Best of luck!.
Mitchell O.
it’s all about prep the night before .. you can make yummy oatmeal cups or chia puddings .. I put them in small mason jars so I can grab one for breakfast .. again it’s all about prepping
Jennifer U.
One of my favorite go to breakfasts when I am short on time is a whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter and a banana. Super filling and gets me through the morning.
Melissa U.
Peanut butter is one of my favorite ingredients for quick breakfast. Plenty of carbohydrates to make your stomach feel comfortable, along with some healthy fats and plenty of protein so you feel full longer. I eat it on toast, on fruit, on just about anything. I’ve learned there is nothing wrong with a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. I’ve been known to eat apple slices and peanut butter on my work commute, too.
Darren O.
It depends on what you can and cannot eat due to religion or other beliefs (vegan, vegetarian, etc.). In general, some good, quicks options are: an apple or banana with a spoonful of peanut butter, unsweetened oatmeal, a protein bar, some almonds, eggs (hard-boiled the previous day and just in the fridge), small cup or bowl of cottage cheese, premade meals you made and just have to heat up, and so much more!!
Robby A.
I hard boil five eggs every Sunday evening and keeps then refrigerated with the shell on. Every evening I place my coffee travel mug, one empty glass and a energy bar by my kettle. I get up at 5.30 in the morning, always in a rush and never hungry. But I manage to have time for one egg (just eating it whole), one glass of Yoghurt/flavoured soured milk and the energy bar. Then I head out and enjoy my coffee in the car.
Virgil J.
Apple with almond butter, yoghurt and nuts, nuts, berries, and juice, reheat leftovers, fried egg on toast with avocado, frozen berries with almond milk smoothie.
Tristan Y.
A bagel and banana or cereal would be good. Maybe one of those breakfast sandwiches that you put in the microwave would be a good option. Or smoothies can be taken on the go.
Willard S.
Oats are great. You can prepare them overnight or quickly in the morning. Also smoothies. Maybe keep some grab and go stuff available like fruits and bars.
Julio P.
if nothing else, try make breakfast the day before. but good to go options are banana , porridge in a topper ware a handful of nuts and dry berries and even dry fruits. you can make yourself some smoothies as well. good luck, you can do it!!
Carlota Z.
Cutting fruit, making a breakfast smoothie, prep some the night before and heat everything up during breakfast time, make tea, drink lots of water, etc
Danielle J.
A ten-minute opportunity is great for a quick breakfast. Some of my easiest breakfasts look like snacks: a combination of nuts, some mozzarella or string cheese, a banana or a tangerine, and water or tea. I also keep hard-boiled eggs in the fridge, to eat as is or to make a quick blend of egg, mustard, and mayo to layer on bread or in celery. Celery and peanut butter or almond butter is ready to eat and satisfies quite a while.

Leftovers can be awesome quick breakfasts. I like cooked salmon hot or cold. Crackers and cheese can accompany it. Or toss a handful of romaine on a plate or in a bowl, add leftover shrimp or salmon, and drizzle a little dressing on it. We have had leftover sirloin steak warmed quickly in a skillet

Fresh couscous is s grain-like pasta that steams in hot water in five minutes. Leftover noodles and other pasta can heat in a microwave in a minute or two. Leftover rice is open to all kinds of quick fixes. How about butter? Or leftover or freshly grilled veggies? I knew a family that took rice and poured hot tea over it, like breakfast cereal. I guess honey was optional!

Too exotic? Heat a skillet with a pat of butter on the stove for a minute, then break an egg or two for sunny side up in 2 1/2 to 3 minutes. Slide eggs onto toast whole or roughly chopped. Follow with a piece of fruit or a glass of juice.

I cook a full package of bacon, then store it in a container in the fridge. I can add a couple pieces to a warming pan, to have alongside eggs or other item. So heating up breakfast takes less than four minutes.

Consider making a quick breakfast with your choice of leftover burger patties, enchiladas, pizza, tuna casserole, stews, and even soups. I’ll often grill six fresh grape tomatoes or a couple handfuls of fresh spinach – done in 2 minutes – to go with eggs or meats.

And frankly, there are days when a sandwich of nut butter on toast and a ready drink are breakfast. Followed by a cookie.

Planning ahead and stocking the fridge with cooked foods or things that cook really quickly, plus items in the cupboard that are ready to eat, are winning convenience for those 10-minute meals. I hope these ideas trigger some of your own that appeal and inspire you.

Remi Z.
I really like shakes, I put spinach/kale, frozen fruits almond milk, protien powder and flax seeds. It's not time consuming or daunting. I drink it on my drive to work. So I don't have to even take time to eat it.
Kaitlin Y.
Oat meal is a perfect quick, filling breakfast that will keep you full all day. You can also mix and match the fruits and spices you put in it so you never get bored.
Dan I.
When I don’t have time in the morning, I prep as much as I can the night before. What I generally do is do overnight oats in a jar (oats/granola mix+yogurt) and in the morning add sliced bananas and peanut butter. Mix it all up and you’re good to go 🙂 it takes me longer to eat it than to make it, but because it’s in a jar I tend to just take it to work with me
Na L I.
Ok 10 minutes set the timer ! Put a pot of water on for grits (5 min cook time once water is boiled) put a pot of water on for a poached egg (4 min cook time once water is boiled) add arugula salt and pepper and walk out knowing you have made the best 10 min meal ever! It’s my go to!
Rick W.
Fresh fruits with lots of fiber and protein rich foods such as mushrooms, tofu, beans and peas. You could create a quick breakfast wrap with a marinade salad filling and a fruit of your choosing.
Rene Z.
Overnight oats, boiled egg prepped the night before, fruit and yogurt parfait prepped the night before, if you want anything warm it’s best if it’s something that can be heated all together.
Gisela Y.
Yogurt and fresh fruit is a great option. I usually make a protein shake for the road- almond milk, spinach, banana and protein powder. I also usually add a little chai spice. Having fruit and nuts I can grab and go does okay in a pinch.
Ana S C.
Eggs! I scramble eggs. Avocados are also good. I like pre-cooked sausage. I'm also into matcha lattes these days. 🙂
Brent E.
I make a smoothie if I'm short in time. If I have protien power i add a little bit of that. If smoothie still isnt an option I just grab a granola bar.
Lesa F.
Prepare things ahead of time like boiled eggs (save more time by peeling them too). A good, full spectrum meal replacement shake in a shaker cup (such as Huel or Vega), or a pre-made one like Soylent.
Or fresh fruits vegetables: apples, bananas, pears, carrots, etc. Stuff you can carry out the door with you.
And some almonds, raw or blanched, but unsalted.
Kristen U.
Eat a piece of toast with some peanut butter/sunflower butter
Or grab a Greek yogurt with no sugar in it, and put some Fruit on top.
Mi Cha Q.
Oatmeal! Add some fresh fruit, dried fruit, and/or nuts, and sweetener optionally. Some examples, you can choose from strawberry, banana, apple, blueberries, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, raisins, dried figs, ground flax, cinnamon, brown sugar, beet sugar, coconut sugar etc. You can also add a milk if you like such as flax milk or almond milk. Takes about 10 minutes to cook the oatmeal, and you can add ingredients in after or cook along with the otmeal depending on how you like it.
Alison E.
A cup of milk and an apple/banana will do.
Make sure to have some nuts or almonds with you when you need a snack.
Don't forget to always be hydrated!
Pauline N.
Make a smoothie or have a pre made green drink. For smoothie all you need is strawberry swirl ice cream frozen bag of fruit and juice of your choice and wallah. Your ready to go
Ronnie U.
An egg sandwich is a good fast option. You could also grab some fruit or get some granola bars to grab on the way out. You could even make up breakfast smoothies the night before and then blend them in the morning if you know you’ll only have a small window like that every morning.
Ma Lia T.
Two eggs on a piece of whole wheat toast is great! You can also hardboil eggs and package up some veg and hummus if you're not opposed to a more savory/nontraditional breakfast
Raymond F.
For a quick breakfast I would suggest an organic yogurt (coconut is my choice) with granola or fresh berries. An avocado toast is also good and so delicious! Last summer every morning I was making a smoothie with fresh fruits (mind that you’ll have to clean the blender after) xx
Luka O.
Poached eggs are quick and easy to make 2 minutes to boil some water stir the water till in a 'vortex' (essentially the water is spinning by itself) and drop an egg in. Leave it for 3 minuets while you make some toast or grab your things then vula easy breakfast. Alternatively you could keep some pre boiled eggs in the fridge and just eat them
Rigoberto Q.
A sandwich can be a great breakfast – and you can prepare it the evening before if you keep it refrigerated! Or cereal if you like it.
Edwin P.
Make an oatmeal the day before and put it in the fridge. Remember to let it cool down first as hot stuff may destroy your fridge. In the morning take it out and add some fruit and nuts. You can even add some dairy for more protein.
Tiago E.
A scrambled egg or 2 cooked in the microwave for 30-45 seconds, stir then cook for another 30 seconds out until done. You can add shredded cheese as well or some diced onions and peppers too. Have your eggs with some fruit like an apple or banana.
Or make some whole wheat toast with peanut butter and slice some bananas on it and call it yum.
Sophia C.
Boiled egg, cheese and apple slices, high protein yogurt, whole wheat toast with natural peanut butter and low sugar jam.
Eva Y.
Breakfast burritos are fast and portable…i like ramen with a couple of eggs cracked into the boiling broth…or just some oatmeal with fruit and slivered almonds… you can make overnight oats and pop it in to the microwave in the morning
Lea Y.
I would take a banana, some nuts, drink milk and brown bread

The banana meets the fruit requirements
The milk serves as a source of protein
Nuts help stay full for longer while providing a source of energy
And brown bread serves as a carbohydrate with roughage