I would like to know what others are having for their great breakfast. 🥣

Carmen O.
It depends. If before an exercise I will eat something light like fruit but afterward maybe oatmeal coffee and bacon or sausage.
Shaun F.
Spinach has been a game changer! Feel great & it helps prevent migraines for me! 2 servings of steamed spinach lasts hours!!!
Brittany S.
I have been avoiding the carbs and sugary products like cereals. What I have been eating are: fruits, mostly peaches these few days because that’s what I have in the fridge, along with a side of mixed greens which works for me with just salt and pepper, I’m not into soggy salads so I always skip the dressing, and I’ll have that with a couple eggs that have been hard boiled in advance and a protein and water drink (because I ran out of milk) which works better if you heat the water up, taste like some sort of hot chocolate. Overall it works, and I haven’t had to grocery shop, it’s creative and fun, especially when I plate the food, looks great!( I often take pictures before eating)
Victoria Q.
During the week I have porridge. I may add some nuts and/or blueberries, or add maple syrup and cinnamon (not necessarily all together). At the weekend:
On one morming I have eggs, bread, tomatoes;
the other morning I usually have a fruit salad with nuts, chia seeds, (mulled flax seeds and shelled hemp seeds if I have them), mixed seeds (pumpkin seeds, linseeds, etc.), which I buy from the health shop, spirulina, and put fruit yogurt on top. Recently I tried it with a bit of peanut butter.
Alyssa O.
Eggs are often the easiest and most filling breakfast I can prepare. I'm living in a tropical country right now so I try to pair them with one of the healthier carb options available
Erin P.
2 boiled eggs, oatmeal with milk or quinoa boiled with apple and cinnamon + milk, one banana, orange juice and one slice of ham 😄
Erica U.
I like to have boil eggs and one piece of Toast with peanut butter and tea.

Or scramble eggs with sausage and 2 bananas and tea.

Erik F.
I have my coffee and a yogurt in the morning. Something quick, easy, and that I enjoy. This way I’m more likely to continue doing it.
Nicolaus O.
I start with a glass of water. Breakfast consists of pure protein and fruits.
I have scrambled egg whites and blueberries. Try to keep my breakfast constant during the week. Change it during the weekend. Avoid coffee & wheat al all times.
Fanny Q.
In the past 2 days:

* Omelette (2 eggs) with 3 slices of cheese
*1 kiwi and 1 banana with granola
* 50 ml of espresso

This has been keeping me satisfied and energized for the morning.

Stavros O.
Hello friend
I always have a variety of muesli in a cupboard, as well a mix of dried fruits (mangoes, bananas, apricots) and nuts. And plant based 'milk', it stays good for much longer than cow's milk. This way I always have a quick and quality breakfast in case if I'm in a hurry in a morning, or don't happen to have eggs. Sometimes, when I prepare food for a few days ahead, it's also good for breakfast too (it's usually legumes, brown rice, black rice or buckwheat, sautéed with vegetables; this kind of food stays good for long time, if stored in containers and refrigerated). This way I only have to heat it in the morning. Throw in a couple of fried/boiled eggs and there you have a fabulous breakfast 🙂
Apr Gio A.
I'm having a horiatiki salad (cherry tomato, shallot onion, garlic, olive, olive oil, oregano, basil, feta cheese, toast.
Baptiste E.
On a quick day I simply have apple slices and peanut butter.

On a day when I have more time and energy I make have a slice of toast, spread cream cheese, and top with apple slices and honey.

I love this meal because you can change out the ingredients with whatever you’d like. Change the cream cheese with ricotta, or maybe a vegan alternative. Change white bread with a brown bread slice. Pears instead of apples. Whatever you’d like!

Billy E.
I make a quiche on Sunday and slice it up so I have a great and healthy breakfast every day of the week. A quiche can be customized to any taste and I so easy to make
Brayden F.
I try to have a filling breakfast as much as possible. Fruits and protein especially help kickstart my morning. Today I had super-seed bread slice with chia seed jam and a little chopped, toasted pecans. Also a soft boiled egg on 1/2 an avocado with salt and pepper. Yummm 😋

(Sidenote: Chia seed jam is super good and full of antioxidants, I think everyone should try. Microwave 1/2 cup frozen blueberries & 1/2 cup frozen raspberries. Then, add 1 Tbs of apple juice [or any juice realy] and 1 Tbs of chia seeds. Set aside for like 30mins. It can be stored for maybe a week. Put it on anything!!)
Geralda P.
Egg(s): Scrambled, Fried or Poached.
Meat: Spam, Bologne, Ham, Bacon.
“String Cheese” Cheddar, Jack…
Dairy: 1/4C Greek Yogurt, Plain, Unsweetened; 1/2C Cottage Cheese, Plain, Unsweetened
Beverage: Tea (Neat); Sencha, Genmaicha, or Black.
Beverage: Coffee, Black
Beverage: Almond Milk, Almond & Coconut Milk, all Unsweetened.

Lo-Carb/Sugar, Hi-Protein/Fat

I’ve had cottage cheese and Greek Yogurt with crumbled Bacon bits – it was different.

When you get bored with the norm, try something different.

Owen J.
Eggs, veggies, oatmeal, no sugar cereal, yogurt with fruits, whole wheat bread, peanut/almond butter, avocados…. etc.
Rayan E.
I keep oranges and bananas available on the counter in a basket/banana hanger at all times. This way I see them and eat them and also replenish my supply when it runs low.
Emil Y.
I love my Indian breakfast of Idly and Sambhar. But I also do have eggs to go with it on days that I am not having omelette.
Hiltraud F.
Hey! For my great breakfast I had a wholesome bowl of porridge topped with fresh chopped fruit or sultanas and nuts – and occasionally a drizzle of honey!
Virgil F.
I am Turk, our culture cares breakfast. I eat one egg, slice of salam, slice of tulum cheese and cup of tea. This menu is considered fast and easy breakfast in our culture but it is heakty enough to make difference in my life.
Almuth X.
I usually like to have a dairy free yogurt, or blend some fruits or veggies in the blender as my breakfast. I also like to change it up a bit, so sometimes I eat some eggs with fruit or bell pepper on the side
Ma L Q.
I find I'm in the habit of using a few go-to 'bases' and then mixing up the things that go with the 'base'. Bases are eggs/ porridge/ cereal/ toast. With the eggs I might have avocado or salmon or veg. With the porridge or cereal, fruit, yoghurt, nuts, cinnamon or a combination. With the toast, peanut butter or marmite or make it into an open sandwich with something like smoked salmon, crème fraîche and dill.

Tip: I find that having ingredients to give your breakfast a 'finishing touch', like
– flaked almonds or a sprinkling of cinnamon with your fruit breakfast
– herbs with your egg breakfast

…add to the presentation which gives more of a feeling that you're doing something to really look after yourself and make breakfast 'special' and 'great' rather than run of the mill.

Also throw in 'special' or 'luxury' ingredients now and again, like strawberries or smoked salmon.

I want to start experimenting with making new dishes too, to keep it varied. Eg chia seed pudding. At some point I also plan to look to other world cuisines for inspiration and to switch it up. What does the world eat for breakfast? In Africa/Asia/Latin America/Italy/Spain/France etc?

Happy breakfasting!! 🍳🍞☕️

Helo Sa Y.
Eating in the morning can make me feel sick, so I just eat something small but healthy. I love fruit and have many fruits in my backyard so I love picking fresh fruit to eat. Sometimes I will also eat oatmeal or a breakfast cookie (that's healthier than your normal cookie)
Alfred W.
Hi there, i eat pork ham, chicken ham or turkey in the morning with some light cheese cream and crackers. Another favorite breakfast of mine is porridge with blueberries and some sweetener.
Lisuarte S.
Im on the keto diet so I make a sausage, egg, and cheese scramble and add a little bit of cholula. I also will do chorizo and eggs and I also add vegetables and make either a frittata or an omelet.
Barbie C.
Eggs if I have time to cook. Otherwise I make a yogurt parfait: 1/2 tablespoon almond butter on bottom, then plain Greek yogurt, then blueberries, then a teaspoon of Uncle Sam’s cereal. Super easy.
Nora O.
Today I made avocado grilled cheese sandwich with tomato slices and rocket on the side and a cup of lemonade I made it my last night
Audrey Z.
I usually mix it up. Some days I have cereals, millets and some day I have bread based or oats based. And sometimes on the weekends I do eggs. I especially love scrambled eggs.