I need to know what exercises to do to help me lose fat in my belly and hips.

Lotti E.
There isn't any way to target fat in specific areas. The only way to lose fat is through diet and exercise, but you won't be able to choose where the fat is lost. That depends on your body shape.
Samantha C.
Unfortunately it is not possible to target fat loss. You can only lose overall fat through eating with a calorie deficit. You CAN target muscle growth by doing focused exercise, but if you want to lose fat you need to eat less calories than you burn. Google “TDEE” and try using a calorie tracker like LoseIt.
Adam G.
It’s all diet! Eat right and consistently. Cut out sugar and mix up work out routines. My nest advice as I am in the same boat now and that’s what the real answer is. No shortcuts.
Cristina F.
First of all, you can't influence what part of your body you will lose fat from, as there is no such thing as spot reduction. You can only lose fat overall, and that can be done by being in a caloric deficit. Trying to burn as many calories as possible through exercise is very difficult, that's why reducing your calorie intake i.e. eating less is your safest bet. That being said, through weight training you can tone your muscles, which in turn can improve the aspect of your problem areas (belly and hips in your case). I'm no expert but I know that consistency is key. Find some exercises online and pick 4-5 that you enjoy most. I personally enjoy planks, side planks, mountain climbers and russian twists (w/ or w/o weight) for ab training and glute bridges, bulgarian split squats and different resistance band exercises (e.g. fire hydrants) for glute training. Make sure to include the exercises you picked in your routine and be consistent about performing then. That should help you see results 🙂
Zoey O.
The bad news is that you can’t lose fat only in your belly and hip. Fat losing just doesn’t work that way. You lose fat in your whole body at the same time, maybe starting with those area which has the most fat.
Lisette S.
there are a ton of different exercises u could try!! yoga is great as it really strengthens and tightens your body as a whole as well as being very nurturing . you can also do dancing (such as zumba) which is super fun and effective. hiit workouts are also great because they are short but useful. ab specific exercises such as russian twists, plank dips, and side crunches are also great!! hope this helps
Olanda Q.
Well I do a lot of cardio workouts to help with it so more crunches sit up push up, things that mostly focus on your abs and stuff like that hope this helps
Sel N.
Hi there, cool that you are reaching out 🙂
From the various studies that i read and can confirm through my own experience, is that fat is lost primarily through diet – maybe you have heard about the 80-20% ratio of diet x exercise. If this is something that you would like to takle at the same time as exercising, I’d recommend researching about keto and carnivore diet.
As for the exercises… i usually get my inspiration from youtube (search e.g. for quick full-body workouts) and pinterest. Very efficient are: planks, reverse planks, fire hydrants, squats).
A very underestimated point is also your posture, which has a big influence on how your body looks – by maintaining a good position you are automatically utilizing some muscles – meaning that tightening up muscles in the abdominal area will be automatic over time and automatically contribute to stronger muscles in the region. Hope this helps & let me know if i can help otherwise & would be great to hear about your progress 🙂
Reagan W.
Hey! So i died to do this for years and years and it never worked! Why? I asked my doctor. There's no excercise that will target specific spots, EVER! You lose fat and also muscle all over your body when working out and eating right! If you're not as toned in an area you can look up how to tighten/tone an area, but I had a fitness teacher explain toning is something people made up to believe they'll look better and tighter at some point! My suggestion is see a dietitian and hire a personal trainer for one session and have both explain how to get to where you want to be and write it all down! But remember body acceptance is important. You don't have to lie and say "I love my body and everything about it" if that's not hoe you feel because that's simply not productive. Tell yourself one small thing you like about yourself, and then let yourself know you accept your body and minds current conditions, but you'd like to strive towards positive change! Much love from this side of the universe ♥️
Dene P.
Try planks and wall sits for lower impact. Coaches have recommended I avoid the usual things like sit-ups because they aren't the best use of kinetic energy. I've avoided them and am seeing results with: 10 minutes of yoga wake up with targeted stretches, and planks/sits. Sometimes I do light weightlifting too; I'm not a gym bro but it's sustainable and low pain! Promise!
Regina J.
Well, for my belly what works for me is a great diet with an specialist and a great hit workout 3 days a week, always keeping my weight workouts 💪🏻
Reandra Z.
Set small goals. I do not have a rigid exercise routine. I have tried them in the past and always hit a plateau or fail. What I do now is to get some type of intentional movement every day. Whether it be 5 mins, 1/2 hours, 1 hour or a double session. Whether it be walking, dancing, strength training etc. This mindset has helped me to workout every day in February and I am still motivated to do it everyday. Also, I stopped focusing on the weight loss aspect of exercise and focused on the positive ways that it makes my body feel.
Samantha P.
My greatest successes have come more from diet changes than exercise. Targeted exercises have never worked for me other than strengthening those targeted muscle groups. Regarding diet, keep it simple – burn more than you consume. No need for fancy, expensive fad diets.
Abel C.
I'm not an expert on exercise but I found that high intensity exercise like a bootcamp helped me lose some weight on my stomach. I find that walking every day combined with one or two high intensity exercises a week seems to be helpful.
Christina Z.
From all the research I have done you can't really target areas to loose fat. Every body is different and looses it in different places at different times. You can do core exercises that will add muscle tone and strengthen those areas. Plank, kettle bell swings, front and side leg lifts, crunches, etc. And follow a healthy diet of mainly whole foods to loose fat in general. I'm no expert at any means but thought this might help. Sending positive vibes your way 🙂
Barbara W.
I’m afraid I’m not an expert on this at all – I have used a low cal vegetarian diet plus 10,000 steps target per day (over 4 years) to reduce weight and build fitness ! A journey which continues !