How to protect from coronavirus?

Clelia B.
Stay home, wash your hands often (soap kills bacteria), practice social distancing as much as you can, and ask your family and the people you live with to do the same. Go out only when necessary: to shop for food, to walk your dog, and other vital outings. Don't meet up with friends in person, organise video calls with your friends to spend time with them without being close physically.
When you shop don't touch things, observe them to choose them, then grab only the one you want.

Wear an effective mask (and correctly! Otherwise it's useless) if you need to go to an area with a lot of people, if possible. Gloves can help too. Keep at least a 2m distance between you and others.

Lastly, despite the difficulty of remaining calm and happy, don't forget to remain polite and friendly with others, it helps everyone go through the crisis and it is important to remain civil despite the situation.