How do you keep your lips from chapping

Nellie J.
Drink a lot of water! Dry lips are usually a sign of dehydration. However, a good quality lip balm goes a long way. I personally use Lypsyl, it works great for me!
Nadia F.
my lips get very chapped alllll the time doesn’t matter what season but how i prevent it is by applying a generous amount of vaseline on my lips before i go to bed when i wake up i put some regular chapstick on and as the day goes on i just apply some more when my lips feel a little dry. always have some kind of chapstick or lip moisturizer ready may that a purse, wallet, backpack, or just laying somewhere in your car!!! good luck
Kat N.
I wish I knew! 🙁

I was able to before by using Khiels butterstick and drinking water. But now I take a medicine that makes me dehydrated so my lips are constantly dry. And I can’t stop biting them 🙁