How much time shall i make each stretching πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ position? Is 15 seconds is enough?

Kirk O.
15 seconds is a good length of time for each stretching position. At the same time, consciously take deep in breaths and full out breaths throughout each stretch. The in breath and out breath should be about the same length.
Regina X.
I usually do 30 sec for each stretch partly because I feel like 15 sec isn’t long enough to really get a good stretch. It also allows time for you to inhale and then go deeper in the stretch. πŸ’πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ
Wolfgang Z.
If you are just starting out with stretching, aim for 10-15 seconds per pose. But after 1-2 weeks of that 10-15 second pose, add 5 seconds to each pose, until you reach 30 seconds on every pose. It is perfectly ok to up one pose’s time per week, to gradually get all of your poses up to 30 seconds. To really push yourself, you can probably do a max of 60 seconds per pose, so if you feel like you need more of a stretch or challenge, work your way up to 60 seconds on whatever pose you want!
Wenke F.
For stretching I would recommend to hold a position 30-45 seconds. That way your muscle will be able to properly stretch out for a good amount of time. It is of high necessity to stretch for more than 30 seconds after working out (as well as exhibiting the correct stretching techniques) in order to not overstrain your muscle after for example running. However, if this is not the case, holding your stretch position for 30 seconds will suffice. Sometimes I stretch a bit more after 30 seconds to really get rid of the negative energy or to get prepared for my day
Aracy S.
I have read that you should hold a stretch for at least 20 seconds no more than 30. Less than 20 doesn’t achieve a lot more than 30 over works the muscle you are stretching.
Heike Q.
I like to hold each stretch until I feel that muscle/position slightly relax into the stretch. Sometimes that means holding for 5 seconds; other times means holding for 30 seconds. I also like to get a few deep breaths in with any stretches affecting my back or shoulders.
Adriana F.
I think 10 to 15 seconds for each position is adequate enough, depending on each one, they could even last a little longer. And in total everything should come to 1 or 2 minutes quite easily especially if doubling up sides, repeating stretching positions etc.
Rosa E.
Well I think it depends from which part of the body you stretching stretching…generally if is just to alleviate some numb limb after sitting a couple of hours at the pc, sure 15-20 seconds are enough to relax your back or shoulders muscles. Just do it often, like every couple of hours etc..Obviously properly stretching after a workout is a different story, you need to know the right movements and correct positions, and invest at least 15-20 minutes.