How much sleep is too much ?

Miroslav J.
The amount of sleep depends on how much your body tells you. Around 8 hours would be great but when you feel sick, tired or feeling unwell, a longer sleep than your usual one would be beneficial for your body.

Ishani Z.
Teenagers and adults require an average sleep of around 7-8 hrs. So, it is ok if you are sleeping for 8-9 hrs or sometimes even 10 if you are tired but if you are going beyond this then i think you really need to change your habit.

Sander P.
I believe ten hours plus is always too much. If we sleep nine hours after a long day there is no big deal, more than that is bad for the body and mind.

Sidney E.
I feel like too much sleep is when you're trying to lose yourself in a dream. There isn't really too much sleep, 12 hours is a good limit though, unless you're sleeping because you don't want to face something. Our bodies don't store sleep so youndo need it everyday.

Arodi T.
Too much sleep idbstaying in bed after waking up and feeling refreshed. If after waking you do not feel alerta and ready, then go back to bed.

Kawthar U.
Sleep 12 hours is too much, isn't healthy for our body and for the brain.. And this take us from the world and family and society…

Maram N.
Sleeping from 6-8h is good sleep especially if you sleep early and you woke up early cause you will recharge your body with the energy that you need to function your daily routine

Roberto T.
I think more than your normal sleep time, like, if you used to sleep for 6 hours, 8'll be too much, that depends on you really.

T N C.
Well, I would say anything more than 9 hours. For me personally it can be a sign of depression when I’m constantly tired and sleeping. It can make me irritated and moody. It sets me back in the day too. It makes me feel more tired and less productive. I don’t know the science behind it but I feel like anything more than 9. Anything more than 24 hours is a coma.

Lonnie O.
I notice when I sleep more than 9 hours I get a headache. I also have an internal clock which wakes me up around 7:30a no matter what time I go to bed unless I’m really exhausted. So even if I don’t set an alarm I’ll always wake up around 7:30a.

Erica X.
Sleep becomes too much when you are not sleeping to rest and regain energy for the day ahead but staying in bed to avoid the productive tasks set for you

Baylee T.
I get more than 7 hours of sleep because I have to have 8 hours of sleep for school and to wake up in the morning at 6:30 or 6:40

Maya N.
Every person is different some people sleep over average and some below.
Too much sleep is over 9 hours, if your a long sleeper you can last for over 9 hours

Marina X.
I’d say 12+ hours of sleep is too much. Now 12hours can be normal for some people but for most it’s not.. I’d say 8-11hours is okay but uah

Kayli N.
My goal is to sleep an average of 8-10 hours a day. Going over that many hours makes me grumpy and more tired in the morning. I sometimes sleep 11 hours if I am extremely exhausted but 12 hours I think is too much sleep.

Frouckje I.
Wow, that is a tuff question. It depends… Some people need more sleep then others. If your are burnt out, sleep is very important to restore. But too much sleep can also be a sign of depression. I think best to build a natural rythm.

Janilyn Y.
I am usually not satisfied whenever i wake up so i tend to sleep until afternoon, whether i sleep late or not, but then i feel not rested even i sleep that long. So i guess sleeping too much is not good.

El Onore E.
I think it depend on how was your previous day ,if it was too heavy sleep for 11 hour is ok but in regular routine days sleep for 8 hours is a must and it us totally enough

Rajaa N.
Sleeping is my biggest problem actually 🤣💔 I know that normally a human being needs between 6 – 8 hours of sleep and there is no need to sleep more than 8 hours.
But for me it's rarely to be satisfied with my sleeping unless I slept more than 10 hours 🌚💔 If I woke up earlier I would feel limp and lazy … I'm currently trying to get a better sleep and sleep earlier … Sometimes I wake up energetic and other times I wake up limp.
I believe the key to a good sleep is the quality of sleeping. I guess that if my sleeping quality gets better, then I will be satisfied with the nomal sleepin average. Hope that I'll get there 🙆🏻‍♀️

Ana Q.
It's important to remember: 8 hours of sleep is the better option! Less than that is not so good although depending on your age, 7 or even 6 hours is okay. (I would say 6 for people over 40) Now, more sleep is no trouble for you body itself. But you do want to know that from 11 hours(Daily), it's a bit unnecessary and you may be using that time for something else. Also, oversleeping is often related to some conditions like depression and you may find that you're skipping breakfast because of that extra time in bed. 8 hours is the best, 9 is totally good and 10 are unnecessary yet okay. From 11 I would suggest setting an alarm to help you wake up before. ❤

Eggert Y.
I dunno, but you should sleep around 9/10 h, so maybe if you sleep more than 10 h you're slepping too much.
But i really can't give a opinion since i sleep around 4/5h. Hope i could help !

Amy P.
For me, I usually sleep around 10 hours. I always wake up feeling poopy. I rarely get 8 hours sleep. When falling asleep at 11 and waking up at 7-8, I feel much better.

Jen O.
When you feel like you just want to keep sleeping forever is when you have had too much sleep. Anything more than 10hours

Pedro E.
Technically speaking, anything more than 10 hours is too much sleep for an adult. But, I think you need to listen to your body. If you are tired, your body will require more sleep. If you wake up naturally, i.e. without the help of an alarm, you should not get back to sleep as it is your body telling you that it is charged up. Going back to sleep after that would require energy and you will wake up tired. But it can easily become a habit. Your body gets used to it and ceases to wake up when it is time.

Viral W.
Sleeping for 8 hours is literally maximum. However, if you sleep for 7 or 6 hours, that's also enough. If you're sleeping more than 8 hours, that's just too much!
Thank you!

Scarlett F.
To the point when you just don't wanna lay in bed anymore and you simply need to get up. But it really depends on an individual.

Mary I.
8 hours is good for the people. There was a myth is about sleep more than 8 hours can give.much energy,but the facts is to give you sleep legarthy.

Terry F.
Getting less sleep than what you need can do this too, but if you slept a decent amount of time and feel tired, slow, sluggish, and like you want more sleep but you're not sick, you slept too much. I used to do it all the time as a late teenager, and it's a difficult habit to break, but doable.

Filip F.
Probably no such thing in a short run – you might as well be catching up on the missing snooze from before. But I guess if you regularly are actually asleep more than 9 hours (asleep, not in bed) then might want to ask your GP

Xszye N.
i feel like i have too much sleep whenever i start to get a headache when i continuously go back to sleep after waking up. i feel like i’ll just get even more tired by sleeping back every single time and it would go on throughout the afternoon & i’ll just be wasting my time of day when i could be doing more productive things. unless i’m like really really really deadasssss tired like i’m about to die of lack of rest kind of tired then yes i’ll just sleep through my day lmao.

Neko C.
if you go to bed early then that’s great, but you don’t wanna over sleep. oversleeping happens after you sleep for about 13+ hours, if you oversleep then you might not be able to go to sleep at the time you want to.

Simara F.
Adequate sleep is when its duration doesn't affect your work life balance and you feel well rested after it. Ideally, 7 hours of sleep is best. But I sleep 6 hours , because that does it for me. : )

Marcia E.
Als ik moe wakker word dat hangt van de dag af die ik er voor heb gehad het is tussen de 7 en 8 uur wat perfect is later als half 10 wakker is te laat

Lea F.
Your body will know when you have had enough sleep, and you will know by waking up feeling refreshed, ready to great the light of a new day of opportunities for you. Remember to have your water close by and drink it as your first habit of the day. It will refresh your dehydrated body and also clear your mind and prepare you for the new day.

Philip B.
Too much sleep is when you wake ap at noon. That means that you went to sleep late and your body tries to get all the sleep possible because it doesn't know when it's gonna sleep again.

Lucile I.
I know that 8-9hours is good for healthy life, but also know that if you are under 25 years u need sleep 10 or 11 hours, consequently in my opinion hours after 11 is too much.

Cherry O.
More than 7.30 hours a day. Night sleep should be only 7 hours and a 30-minute nap at noon. That’s it. More than that you waste your time and you lost your chance to be productive.

Alana F.
I don't think a single "ideal "exists. More a range, 7-9 hours is what I have read as the general consensus. Personally, I think that the ideal amount of sleep is different for each person, just as some people are early birds or night owls. Moreover, other considerations like age influence the ideal duration. I need at least 7.5 hours, ideally 8 to feel my best. If I sleep more than 9, though, I get diminished returns and feel depressed and sluggish. But there are others who feel great with 6 hours a night… So I think there is a range but the specifics are personal.

Maggie Z.
If you wake up having slept past the alarm and you feel groggy that’s probably too much. Each of us is different and we require different amounts of sleep though. So our bodies will tell us if we’re getting too much. A good night’s sleep where we get enough usually allows us to wake before the alarm feeling rested, energized snd refreshed. Ready for the day. Most people thrive on between 7-8 hours.

Todd N.
I think that at the most you should get 12 hours of sleep so 13 hours is too much. At the latest you should probably get up at nine. I get 8 hours of sleep everyday. And wake up at 7. Hope this helps good luck!

Ambre C.
Sleeping to much can damage your brain and this can cause brain problem. Sleeping to much can cause many issues, such as headache, stress, back problem, and many more. I think sleeping 8 to 10 hours is good but not more than that.

Nadeschda E.
You can never get to much sleep! But it's best for your body to get used to a time to wake up. I have an alarm set everyday at 5 AM and my body got used to it so just in case I forgot to set my alarm, I'll wake up a bit after 5 because my body is used to it.

Zoe Y.
i think anything more than 10 hours is too much because our bodies are gradually getting dehydrated and that thought scares me so i always try to keep it within 8-9 hours.

Erika U.
When I end up sleeping all day I feel groggy and tired and often need a nap. I feel like when I get that level of sleep it is just too much.

Erin F.
you know, for every single one of us is different. for example, i have to sleep 7 hours to feel rested and when i sleep 8 hours or more i feel sleepy and dizzy all day. some people just need 6 or 5 hours, others at least 8 or 9. it depends. i suggest you try listening to your body and what it needs.

Brittany U.
I feel like you should wake up without an alarm. Sleep until you no longer need one and when you wake up you’re ready for the day. I nap mid day too. Life is amazing when I’m rested

Ya L.
A sleep which steals too much of your time away from work is too much. Sleep enough, not to get through the whole day without taking a nap, but to make sure your life outside sleep is just as interestjng as sleeping is

Lacey G.
When you spend most of your day thinking about things that you cannot control then you stay awake half the night and then sleep in bc you think to much

Preesayji E.
My sleep isn't good enough cuz my family always making a sound so loud, trying to sleep earlier today and waking up early tomorrow

Ritambhar Q.
It depends on person to person.

For someone it can be 7 hours, for another it can be 9 hours.

But there is a way to detect whether you have overslept.

If you have overslept, you won't feel like waking up. You will try your best to go to sleep again, but your sleep will be interrupted quite often. (This won't happen if you got less sleep).

You won't feel fresh and relaxed, rather you will feel too much tired.

Madison C.
When I get over 10.5 hours, I feel groggy all day and it keeps me up the next night. I LOVE to sleep and I prioritize getting enough rest (because if I don't, I know I'll get upset the next day). I always try to sleep around 9-10 hours a night, and if I can't get that then my sweet spot is 6 hours. I highly suggest getting a sleep tracker to gauge the rhythms of your sleep cycle!

Cecil F.
The “right” amount of sleep proves somewhat individual as some people will feel great on seven hours and others may need a little longer. However, in most studies and for most experts, over nine hours is considered an excessive or long amount of sleep for adults.

Saari P.
Complete the journey that focuses on your sleep in fabulous this should help. Personally I found if I wake up when my body tells me and improve the quality of my sleep I generally need less sleep than I thought. But if your body tells you more then listen to it.

Angela U.
I think normal ranges from 5-10 hours, but if you're in sleep debt your body needs to make it up. Keep track of your sleep cycles/circadian rhythms(energy levels) and see what is abnormal for gou

Maeve Z.
I think that a 12 hours sleep is too much because then you are wasting some of your day unless you go to bed really early!

Vanz Z.
If you are à busy professional 8hrs is enough. If you are u employment or do not have a busy schedule, 10 hrs is too much.

Gabriele V.
It depends on the situation, but if you have to go to work and you are kinda awake, just don't stay in bed one more hour, because it is going to be too much. It is also too much when you feel that emptiness in your stomach, that wakes you up because too much time has passed since the last time you ate something.

Carl W.
Probably around 11-13 hours one that’s like half of the day but I suppose (IM TALKING FANCY CUZ OF BRIDGETON) 24 hours of sleep would be too much ok has anyone ever slept that long and just woke up at 1am like yooo wassup IMAGINE MISSING A WHOLE DAY CUZ U WERE SLEEPING BAHAHSKSKSND ok bye

Morgan I.
I typically sleep for abt 8-9 hours depending on the day. However, too much for me is when I sleep past noon when I went to bed around 10 pm. But it varies from person to person so listen to your body. If it says I'm tired, take a short 30 minute power nap or maybe try going to bed earlier. If it says I'm awake let's go, then get up and don't sleep anymore. Your body is your best judgment.

Kayla Q.
I would say anything over 7-8 hours is too much. The more you sleep the harder it is to motivate yourself to get up and do things you’re supposed to do. I would recommend putting your phone on the opposite side of your room which will force you to get up. And since you’ll be up there is no sense is going back to bed it’s just discipline at that point.

Jessy W.
Too much sleep is maybe when all you do is sleep and forget to move your body and stuff, so you might be seen as lazy. However it is not wrong to get as many sleep as you need, bevause too little sleep is also bad for you 🙂

Tanaz Z.
Three time a week sleep is too much because of a start fleshing day. Once there is no stress It become a greet day for me.

Gertrude E.
It depends on your age and your day. If you work a lot and feel exhausted then your body really needs that sleep. A average person sleeps about 7-8 hours, but it all depends on what your body needs

Syeda X.
For me 8-9 hours are too much because I dont sleep that much its different for everyone. If you still feel tired after getting up or you are grumpy that's probably because you had too much sleep

Khushi C.
Sleep can different from person to person But in general experts recommend that healthy adults get an average To 7 to 9 hrs per night of shutye. If u regularly need 8 to 9 hrs Of sleep per night to be rested

Renata F.
Twn hours is too much. I believe the appropriate is 7 1/2 hours. Sleep is divided by 1.5 hour cycles. You can get quality sleep even if you sleep little time. Follow the sleep cycle and you will be fine

Heidi U.
It depends what time you go to bed but to much sleep would be 11-13 hours as 10 hours is ok amount of sleep however it does depend on what you have been doing throughout your day and how much sleep you would normally get .

Viridiana Q.
I’m not a medical doctor, and it depends on the person. Some people have sleep disorders or other conditions that require more sleep. Aside from that, I’d say it’s too much sleep if the person is consistently falling back asleep in order to avoid facing the day. This likely isn’t a sleep problem as much as an issue with anxiety, depression, grief, etc. or simply feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.

Adriana A.
For me, if I ever overslept, I will always make sure it will be in between 9–12 hourse of sleep and not more. We don't want to spend more than a half of a day sleeping and doing nothing, right?🤗

Lori G.
I think I should be rested enough to wake up without an alarm. That means tuning into my body so if I'm tired, I go to bed earlier.

Daryna I.
I think more than 10 hours a day is too much. But sometimes an rencently I feel like I just want to sleep and I don’t want to care about anything, don’t want to eat ether

Malou X.
Too much sleep is when I'm still tired the next day. Usually it's not 'sleep' but just not getting out of bed after waking up late

Vilde R.
I think when you first wake up in the morning, just rocketship out of the bed. If you go back to sleep you will sleep too long or you end up snoozing.

Nive N.
Well I guess, sleepin for more than 9hours is too much, unless it’s a baby we’re talking about. But I think sleeping for 9hours is fine once in a while tho❤️

Malthe X.
It depends

If we want to take a rest at night,we need 6-8 hour to sleep

If we need to take a rest for a while,we need 30 minutes-1 hour to sleep

If you feel sad or depressed,you need to sleep until you feel much better

Phil X.
Just try to get rid of those small things that have no sentimental value or any practical worth, not all at once. Just consider if you would be able to live without it. And then I’d organize those non essential things in boxes, so they wouldn’t make your room look crowded.

Melisa Z.
I think 8 hours of sleep or 9 is enough, but too much sleep is not that healthy i think 12 hours of sleep is just too much

Morgan N.
It depends on the person, but usually anywhere from 10-12 hours indicates a lack of quality sleep. Oversleeping often means there’s something imbalanced in your life, whether it’s your sleep schedule itself, your emotions, or your eating habits. It can also be that your sleep environment is not conducive for deep sleep.

Charlotte S.
I think that as long as it doesn’t affect your everyday life, no sleep amount is too much! Let your body get what it needs!

Kylie T.
They recommend 8 to 9 hours, but everyone is different. I used to be able to work with just 6 hours of sleep, but now even 12 doesn't seem enough sometimes. You just need to find out what is the best time for you. But never do it on the expense of your mental health or until you're ready.

Zoey F.
Anything over 9 hours seems to be too much, unless it's after a streak of several sleep deprived days and then it acts like a battery charge..

Emily J.
If you're still feeling tired after 8 hours even 9 maybe it's time to take a look at what nutrition you're giving yourself

Asia U.
i think that you can’t sleep ‘too much’. if your body needs it, sleep maybe even 12 hours. just remember to not sleep all day, this is unhealthy 🙂

Laly Z.
The “right” amount of sleep proves somewhat individual as some people will feel great on 7 hours and others may need a little longer. However, in most studies and for most experts, over 9 hours is considered an excessive or long amount of sleep for adults.

Joshua W.
You can sleep in afternoon too night there’s never to much sleep but you need 7-8 hours to sleep because you can mess up your sleeping pattern and feel sleepy and wake up outta your sleep and react a certain way or your eyes will be tired and red

Veronika F.
Too much sleep is already achieved at more than 8 hours. You will feel worse than better when you sleep too much and don't have time for other thing, so you will get stressed.
Don't sleep so long.

Hui Jen Y.
i love sleep but a lot of sleep is not good either. i would say more than 10 hours is considered too much but i’m not sure. recommended time would be 7-9 hours 🤩🤩🤩

Isaac Y.
For me too much sleep is about 9-10 hours, but it depends on each person and I recommend you to figure it out by yourself.

Jayden J.
honestly i don't know but probably above ten hours straight. Eight to nine hours of sleep is, in my opinion, the perfect timing to regenerate your body and beauty and reload all your energies for a new day.

Sylvia U.
I sleep well last night. At first I thought something for a minute.Then I felt sleepy so I slept.I set the alarm to ring at 6:30and 7:00.But I woke up at7:05.I just know that I sleep well every night.

Sarah Z.
Over 9 hours of broken “sleep” and lazing in bed too often is not productive. Getting 6/7 hours of good sleep and getting up to do my routine is helping my mood and and productivity

No Lie S.
I would definitely say longer than 1 hour because if you sleep more than 1 hour you're going to a deep sleep and then you'll probably wake up like 3 4 hours late so I say that you would take like a 15 to 25 minute power nap. Happy to help 😄

Ruben N.
When you sleep too much that your body feels less energized when you wake up. When you feel lazy the morning after and you don't feel the motivated. The average amount of sleep is 7 to 9 hours . If you slept past that and your body doesn't need it, it' probably too much sleep.

Isla Z.
No sleep is to much! If you feel your body needs more than average that’s ok! Try to get to sleep earlier and get up the same time add others.

Na U.
There's no one size fit all answer for this question. It really depends on each individual. Just listen to your body. If you wake up feeling groggy, grumpy, irritable and fussy, it's a clear sign that you need more sleep.

Gayle N.
Sleeping over 8 hours can make you feel groggy. In times of sickness or on occasion it may be beneficial to get more sleep than normal. Listen to your body!

Marcus Z.
It depends how much sleep I need, but I sleep more then 9hours then I feel more tired and have really low energy levels during the day

Courtney P.
This is an interesting question for me because I have insomnia. I try to get between six to seven hours of sleep however I probably get about four to five hours and then about five days later I crash and I slept for 14 hours last night. I have to say that when I sleep more than six or seven hours I'm exhausted and I have no energy the following day. When I sleep less I have more energy during the day and then I'm able to get about four to five hours of sleep. So for me too much sleep is not good but I think that it varies between each person.

Sashikala P.
Very much sleep 😴 is to to too better for you 🙂❤️.If you sleep 😴 at 1'O clock🕒 than wake up at 4'O clock 🕒.I do like that only if you don't like that so don't do it okay 🙂 bye bye 👋 and love you all 💛💙.

Mars Q.
The older you get, the less sleep you require. Around 24 is when we are fully developed and only need 6-8 hours of sleep. Younger than 24 should get as much as they can 8-10 hours is recommended. Anything over 10 hours would probably cause you to oversleep which can make you more tired

Daryna I.
10 – 11 hours of sleep is too much. You must wake up at 9 : 00 am of you want to add some extra hours. That is my answer but you can tell more people about this problem. Every one is special and has some great and different answers.

Tempest W.
Most people are supposed to get seven to nine hours of sleep each night. If you are a healthy adult and you're getting ten or more hours of sleep each night, you're probably getting too much sleep. Oversleeping can cause depression, diabetes, infertility, inflammation, brain fog, obesity, or heart disease. A recent study found that people who regularly sleep nine or more hours have a heightened risk for developing dementia and alzheimer's earlier than their peers. If you are tired after getting a healthy amount of sleep, it may be a sign of an underlying health problem and you should talk to your doctor about it as soon as possible. In some cases, it can be a symptom of a sleep disorder called hypersomnia.
Sleep is good for you, but too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. You can get too much sleep the same way you can drink too much water or take too many vitamins. Pay attention to how much sleep you're getting, and keep an eye out for signs of sleepiness even after getting a healthy amount of sleep, because it could be a sign of an underlying health problem.

Maya T.
8 to 9 hours of sleep for me is what I would consider as to much sleep, I usually only get between 6 to 7 hours of sleep.

Sophie N.
When you wake up and feel energized and not tired but you go back to sleep anyway. That’s when your body is saying hey, i’m good let’s get up. I would definitely know

Adam C.
I don’t know how much sleep is too much. I think if sleep gets in the way of important things like working toward your goals or growing as a person, it’s too much. For example, if you sleep in the day instead of reading the book you wanted to finish or reach a new milestone in your 5k journey. If you’re healthy and well, I think more than 8 hours of sleep can be too much. But then again, every body is different.

Rebecca N.
I have a non-circadian rhythm disorder which affects both my duration for sleep and day. I'm probably not the best person to ask. I usually get between 8.5 and 10 hours of sleep fpllowed by about roughly 18 to 20 hours of wakefulness. I'm only answering because I want more people to understand that non-circadian conditions exist. They are under-diagnosed.

Loli B.
People at different phases of life or levels of health need different amounts of sleep: a growing teenager might actually need 12 hours of sleep sometimes, as could a person who is detoxing from cancer treatments or recovering from a stressful situation. Sleep has always helped me heal and grow… maybe you need a lot of sleep right now for those reasons.

Adrianna E.
Everyone is different, however most adults sleep 6 to 9 hours a night on average. I would say past 10 hours is pushing it unless you have underlying conditions or causes. If you find yourself tired most of the time, take it up with a doctor to see what the issue is. Exercise is also very good at regulating a healthy sleep cycle, so be sure to get some sort of exercise in each day no matter what it is.

Ema G.
Too much sleep can make you forget things so I would say, 18 hours or more is too much y should sleep 9 or 8 hours as recommended.

Tony T.
Not sure when to much sleep is a bad thing, I think if you're body is tired let it have sleep. But if it's too much it might start conflicting with your other duties you have going on in your life. Not that we can do so much on social distancing.

Hermenegildo N.
I usually sleep for about 8-11 hours. I personally think that anything past 11 hours is too much sleep. Hope this helps!

Alejandra Z.
it depends on how tired you are. when i’m exhausted i usually sleep for about 10-12 hrs, which i think it’s too much, but it’s what my body needed at the moment

Scott C.
I think it depends on what you’ve been doing. But truly if you feel like you need it then you probably do. And if you feel like you are sleeping to avoid problems instead of rest then maybe cut back.

Cameron O.
Sleeping into the late morning can make you feel sluggish, so the best sleep you can have is about 10 hours between 9 PM and 7 AM

Franchesca Z.
Too much sleep is going over your recommended time given by professionals. How much sleep you should be getting also depends on the age you're at. I suggest googling how much sleep is recommended for yourself 🙂

Marina Q.
I don't think there is too much sleep. You sleep enough until you are satisfied. Even if you want to sleep 13 hours it's nothing wrong with it because you might be tired and need to sleep. Don't be afraid if you are sleeping too much. Also sleep helps the mind and you have energy for all the day, even if you had a rough day a nap will make you feel better because you are in your own reality. That's my opinion thought I am not a doctor or something.

Mirella U.
It's extremely individual. You have to think of every persons lifestyles and bear in mind there is no answer to this that applies to everyone.

Joice P.
I'd say that 10 or 11 hours is a bit too much for a person my age, unless it's very much needed. Sometimes, teens take more time to sleep if necessary, but I think that in general, 7 to 9 hours is just fine.

Rieman N.
7 to 8 hours of sleep each night is just enough for teens/adults, 9 to 10 hours or more can affect your health, you’d feel dizzy for the first few hours of your day, you may experience headaches, etc.. so try to make a sleeping schedule, sleep and wake up at the same time everyday.. it’ll be hard at first but then you’ll get used to it and it’ll become a routine. Have a good day/night!

Emily R.
Over 12hrs is too much because then you feel groggy and still sleepy. You won't feel motivated to do your morning routine

Michelle P.
9 hrs of sleep is enough. The goal is to have an 8-hour of sleep a day, starting from 11 pm to 7 am. That's one of my goals toward better self.

Rocshe F.
It is said that 8 hour of sleep is necessary but an hour or two hours of extra sleep is not bad. but maybe sleeping for more than 10 hours may be too much and result in laziness

Nora P.
Probably to much sleep for me is 13-14 hours of sleep because I don’t want to sleep in too late , cause then I’m not as productive and I don’t really get anything done that day .

Eline E.
no such thing. you need sleep to feel rested and better it helps physically mentally and emotionally repair you. of course you shouldn’t sleep so much that you miss out on opportunities but there isn’t necessarily such thing as too much sleep

Amelia Z.
I find that too much sleep is when I wake up with what I call a "watermelon head". It's when my head feels swollen and thick, like a watermelon. It's similar to how I feel when I have a fever or am very dehydrated. If having a glass of water doesn't fix it, then I probably slept too much. Most of the time though, if your body is telling you to sleep, then you need the sleep.

Ina Z.
If you regularly need more than 8 or 9 hours of sleep per night to feel rested, it might be a sign of an underlying problem.

John Y.
I personally belive eight hours is good but you should try to stay between 6 and 10 hours try not to sleep less or more

Jan C.
When sleep gets in the way of living and you miss the sunrise & sunset. The beginning and ending of each new day. For there I believe you are missing life.

Destiny Z.
Well, let's start off with the right amount of sleep. On average, depending on your age, that will be between 7 to 9 hours minimum. I see nothing wrong with sleeping an hour or 2 longer, however, that depends on if you've gotten to bed early (7-9) or not. In regards to what's considered too much, I'd say any sleep that gives you less than 3 hours minimum in the morning is too much. Any sleep length that makes you want top sleep more than dip physical activity or be o productive is too much. And ant sleep that you wake up still feeling drowsy even though you had above your minimum hours is too much sleep.

Guillaume Y.
I have always believed that if you are healthy and still feeling exhausted or fatigued 30 minutes after waking up, you may have slept too much.

Emily P.
I'd say 10 hours and over is too much sleep and can be an indicator that depression or anxiety may be present. Unregulated sleep patterns are one of the first signs of mental illness and can be an important indicator of overall mental health.

Audrey Z.
It depends on the quality of work I work in the health sector and this pandemic, takes a spiritually and emotionally toll on the physical body.

Andrew Q.
I heard that it's intervals of sleep that are important, more than length of sleep. Sleeping in multiples of 1.5 hours helps to keep in sync with your sleeping/circadian rhythm.

Nellie J.
12+ hours is definately too much however how much sleep you need really depends on what type of person you are and how quickly you get tired. If you get tired quickly you may find you need more than the recommended 8 hours sleep a night

Cecil S.
Most often sleeping beyond your regular wake up is generally not ideal for maintaining a routine almost regardless of the total hours slept. Keep the normal wake up and execute your morning routine. Then if you need a nap or siesta later do that.

Glenda Z.
too much sleep occurs when my body naturally wakes up after having at least eight hours of sleep, but then I go back to sleep for a few more hours. I wake back up feeling even sleepier than before and sluggish all day long.

Deann Z.
As I'm someone who sleeps on average 1-3 hours a night I wouldn't know – that's why I'm trying Fabulous to maintain a steady routine and hopefully fix my sleeping pattern.

Onat P.
I think 8 hours is minimum, 9 hours is maximum. I try to sleep 8 hours on normal days, however if i feel really tired and unenergetic the day before, i sleep 8.30 hours or 9 hours.

Jovonah X.
Everyone is different. Some people need more sleep and some people need less. However, the absolute minimum that people should get is 7 hours of sleep. However, from personal experience, 9 hours is way too much for me and I stay tired the rest of the day if I sleep that long. Perhaps experiment with what length feels best for you.

Hilma F.
People suggest 8 hours of sleep per night but for some people 9 works better. I would say more than 9 hours would be too much, but it would also depend on if you needed your rest.

Oumayma A.
+18hours. There are times when a person is sleep deprived for days and finish by oversleeping to replace all the sleep he couldn't have.

Laura K.
I think more than 8 hours of sleep are too much when you’re not that tired. Sometimes we have a hard week or a heavy day and we need to sleep more than usual time but just in that case sleep more than 8 hours is alright.

Layla O.
Well there isn't I think that if you go to bed at ten and wake up at any time after ten am is too much anything below is ok

Romana P.
If you sleep longer than 9 and a half hours your mind will slow down and when you wake up you have a disgusted and sleepy feeling.

Wanda W.
If you sleep so much that it interferes with normal everyday activities or wrecks your circadian rhythm and ironically makes you tired

Katarina W.
Depends on what youre doing through out the day and thw time you need to wake up and go to sleep, but id say 11 or more hours is too much.
If youre getting tired durinf the day, like if you work a hard job or something, Id say 10 hours is tops

Ioana V.
It depends… If it's on the weekends and I had an exhausting week, I can even sleep 12 hours. But for a normal day, I'll say 8 hours is too much sleep for me. I am fine with 6-7 hours of sleep.

Hannah Z.
for me I think its 10hrs or more because some research says that too much sleep can cause headaches, risk of diabetes, heart diseases, anxiety, depression and obesity.
Try to have a sleep schedule and create an ideal sleeping environment.

Majd N.
More than 10 hours, because I experienced 12 hours of sleep and its annoying results of laziness and unproductivity, 8 hours a day are enough in my opinion.

Layla R.
I think too much sleep is when you feel tired when you wake, like you have not slept at all. When all you can think about getting back into bed and sleeping some more. I think you should feel awake and refreshed when you wake and if you dont quite get that ahh moment, then i feel it was a bit too much sleep.

Cass N.
It really depends on the person. Some people just naturally need more sleep than others. Personally, I need at least 8 1/2 hours of sleep a night. For me to feel fully rested, I typically need 9 to 9 1/2 hours. My advice is to listen to your body and make sure that you adhere to its body clock. Listening to it is also easier if you shut off electronics towards the evening. I like to read a book until I feel like I’m starting to get drowsy. I hope that helps you!

Amy W.
Honestly any more than nine hours of sleeping at one time is more detrimental than helpful, your circulatory system needs regular activity and rest intervals, for this reason I break up my sleep more often, take a nap in the daytime to boost brain power, regulate your digestive system and balance your hormone levels.

Alexandra S.
I read somewhere that we never sleep too much. We sleep the hours your body need. I had that worry because I aleays sleep more than 8h. Usually it's 10 or even 13. That means I am long sleeper as well as there are people who sleeo less than 6h. Those are the short sleepers. And those people have been like that since childhood. So if you think you sleep too much, that means your body needs that much sleep. Just listen to your body and try to figure how you feel after you wake up, if you feel tired. If so, try to sleep Althoug, if you think you changed, and need more hours than you used to, maybe it would importante to understand why. Hope i helped!

Abyss J.
There is no such thing as too long if a sleep. When I sleep I am in a place I am comfortable in and a place I know that I can be happy. So when I sleep that is the moment I look forward too. A world and existence that allows me to get away from my trouble and be free. So to me there is no “too long is a sleep” just “how much sleep do I need to refill my happiness tank that I know the day will take away as I go through it.” Sleep is my escape.

Molly Z.
I usually know I’ve slept too much if I get a headache or feel nauseous in the morning . Also, if I wake up and go back to sleep I will often feel like I slept too long. You probably just have to listen to your body to determine the right amount for you.

Ipsita C.
More than 9 hours is too much. Sleep early and wake up early. A 7 hour sleep will also make u feel energetic. Whereas 9 hour sleep will make you lousy

Hayli U.
It ranges from person to person, but I think anything over 14 hours can be a sign of depression or other problems (speaking from experience).

Carla Q.
I think as a student 7-8 hours is enough for us. More than 8 hours of sleep can cause laziness, restlessness etc. As amount of sleep also depends on the persons age.

Vilator E.
It depends on the situation. Normally, more than 8 hours is too much. Or when you feel crappy after waking up, you know the feeling, it's probably too much. Try to maintain 6 to 8 hours of sleep if possible. But if you wake up rushing because you forgot that you need to do something, for example too late for work, you definitely had too much sleep. Hahaha. I think the best is to sleep early, wake up early!

Emely G.
How much sleep is too much? Hmm.. once I slept for like 13-14 hours (i was ill), and I had a really bad headache all day

Ella Z.
I think when you sleep for more than 8 hours. But it I based on your age group. I used to sleep for 7 to 8 but after waking up I feel so exhausted. Do now I sleep only 6 to 7 hours. Now I feel refresh in the morning and can continue my daily routine well. Hope this will be helpful 🙂

Flenn Q.
I think it really depends on now your body feels. there is no right or wrong answer to this question. It also depends on the age.
The “right” amount of sleep proves somewhat individual as some people will feel great on seven hours and others may need a little longer. However, in most studies and for most experts, over nine hours is considered an excessive or long amount of sleep for adults.

Nascimento F.
That’s very age and even person dependent. Generally I’d say more than 10 hours, but I tend to aim for 8-9 hours at the most.

Maya N.
In my opinion, a lot of sleep can be extremely beneficial and healthy for you. It can make you more focused and ready for the day and reduce anxiety and stress. However, sleeping a lot can be some peoples way of coping with depression or other mental illnesses, causing them to sleep for many many hours. I’m this case, it’s unhealthy. On average, you should be aiming for about 6 to 7 hours minimum and any more than that is fine as long as your not sleeping through most of the day.

Caroline B.
i feel like sleeping more then like 11 hours a day is too much since then you are taking up a bunch of ur day but also it is mainly what works for you

Anna C.
The average adult is supposed to get 7-9 hours of sleep. If you're getting 10+ hours of sleep, that probably means you should sleep a little less unless you have health problems, bad sleep quality, etc. I hope this was helpful! 🙂

Krisztina Z.
When i sleep 9 hours or more in once, i will be almost as tired as before sleeping but that really depends on the person.