How much of a break do you give yourself if you’re sick?

Everalda Q.
Sometimes, totally. Healing needs time too. It's not an excuse. It's a priority. Often you can still stretch instead of running, or take zeven breaths instead of a ten minute meditation. Too sick to eat? Then just tick it off, since it is not relevant that day but you did think of it.

Rog Rio Z.
I would say that I will give myself a lot of time to rest, I mean sickness is not a joke and you need to stop for a while and relax until you feel better again

Marcus N.
To be honest I don’t remember the last time I was ill. But if I was I think I might just push through but not at full pace if you know what I mean.

Chris P.
I take a good break I don’t go to the gym if anything basics I stay at the house and get better, I don’t like it but I know it will be good for me

Eli E.
I like writing realistic fiction the best! I think I would publish it if I got the opportunity but I wouldn’t want to make a career out of it.

Anna U.
If I'm sick I will normally still make myself do online school for 5 hours. But I will also give myself breaks to help if I'm stressed or am growing a headache. Normally the only day I give myself of is the day I go to the doctor's office.

Rachel R.
As much as you need when you are feeling under the weather. But it is also good to keep some routine with just some basics that won’t make ur illness worse- eg. drink water when you wake up and have a great breakfast

Galilea N.
If I’m really sick to where I can’t get up then a day or 2 but if I can get up I’ll just take medicine and keep doing my things

Jomana N.
I don’t really give myself a break.
I believe that if i didn’t till my mind that i am sick i will be able to get well quickly