How long can someone go without sleeping?

August G.
I imagine that you could probably go about 3-4 days with no sleep before your body began to finally start showing signs of major distress.
Daman J O.
Brain needs sleep as much as it needs energy. Most people start to experience incoordination, memory impairment and other cognitive issues just after 24hrs of no sleep
Savy U.
I don’t know what the world record is but I do know that extreme sleep deprivation will literally drive you insane so I wouldn’t try to find out, haha. And regular sleep deprivation can impair logical thing, motor function, emotional responses, judgement, mental clarity… Just go to sleep.
Lolo N.
He will be dead actually but moving without mind and will fall after half day finished…
For me, I will stop and sleep after 12 hours maximum
Mariellla F.
I don't know, but a week, maybe? After 3 days galuzinations appear.
I've tried only two days, because of studying and it wasn't very easy, but that wasn't a problem. I'm sure I can do more, but I don't want to push myself to the limit