How do you stay motivated to exercise daily?

Miguel Y.
I like running and I like seeing myself progress a little each day. So having an exercise schedule which includes my favourite activity makes sticking to the schedule easier.

Also, recording my progress highlights my little wins and keeps me wondering what can achieve the next day.

It's not always easy to fit exercise in the schedule or sometimes it just the motivation that's missing. On difficult days doing light stretch fits. But if that is difficult too, skipping is okay

Louella J.
chose the type of exercise you do wisely. don’t do what you think you’re supposed to do but instead do what you feel is best for you. i do yoga because i love how it makes me feel. even brief movement is exercise. you don’t need to do full workouts all the time or at all. just move and do what feels good. connecting to your body is what is important
Anika N.
If you don't want to exercise then do what you love as exercise. I love dancing so i learn them as my exercise, you can also do it similiarly.
Kreszenz O.
I stay motivated to exercise because i like it, and it became a habit. It became a habit for a one week or less, I exersice more in the morning and add it in my morning routine. The main thing to do exercise daily, like do it and add it to your morning routine.