How do you motivate yourself to meditate when it just feels boring? Once I start, I’m always glad I did, but getting over the hump to start is often hard.

Lauren A.
Firstly, I feel like when you go ahead and do your practice every day it eventually becomes a habit. You'll also start to see the benefits of the practice outside of your meditation time, and that also encourages wanting to practice more as you rewire your brain. Actually I just had a thought during meditation today about this too, as I've been leaning towards wanting to fast or at least be more aware of when I'm eating. How long does it take to prepare and eat a snack that you don't really need/aren't actually hungry for. Could that "eating because I'm bored" feeling, be replaced by 10 minutes of meditation. Could tuning into your body and sorting out why you feel like eating and even deciding if you're truly hungry, dissuade snacking? Anyway I feel like it's only a few minutes that has a plethora of benefits for all your systems 🙂
Teresa T.
Yes it IS hard to get excited about not being productive for 10 minutes or more. Haha BUT people who meditate have lower levels of anxiety, higher creativity, and better emotional regulation. Knowing that helps me keep in touch with how important meditating every day is to me. Setting a meditation alarm to remind me helps a lot, and I have a meditation app that uses bells and atmosphere sounds to create a more meditative environment. I also recommend having a specific mediation place in your home or office. Go there, take off your shoes, and have a cushion ready. Physically going to a space that is for meditating helps your brain say “I’m in my meditation space, that means it’s time to slow down.”