How do you meditate every day? What is your motivation?

Zargy M.
I’ve only just started developing a habit for doing meditation daily. I typically listen to different guided meditations by The Mindful Movement as part of my morning routine usually after my daily 30-minute workout session and good breakfast. It has worked wonders for me and this has actually motivated me to continue on. It has become a fundamental part of my strategies for coping with anxiety and depression. It has also helped me start my day well.

In the evening when I do my journaling and 3 gratitudes, I include there the number of days I’ve done my daily exercise and practiced meditation, for example Day 40-Daily Exercise, Day 38-Mindfulness Meditation. This is the practical part of my motivation: I feel proud and good about myself when I follow through with these healthy habits.

Tahmina X.
I've only just started to meditate recently and so far I've kept at it everyday. My motivation is that my future self will thank me and I want to be the best version of myself that I know I can be. I have a super long way to go. I've been depressed for months now and I lost all hope and purpose. By meditating for just 5 minutes a day by putting on a guided meditation helps calm me. It doesn't change anything drastically but it's baby steps I guess.
Jessie T.
I like to mediate in the mornings, so I can wake up feeling motivated for the day. Meditating in the morning helps me evaluate my goals and ideals and how I can achieve them, so I know if I'm on track to achieving them as soon as I start the day. This also means I can plan my day in accordance with those goals and ideals.
Jay S.
To me it feels like I accomplish something meditating. Even if it is just for one minute. My motivation behind it is me getting a better sleep quality. Also feeling your thoughts coming and going is pretty relaxing. You feel a weight get lifted of your shoulders which is really amazing and helps me sleep better. Just focus on your slow and calm breath and sit upright.I hope I could answer your question😊