How do you make sure you put your phone away at a specified time? I have an alarm set, but I just ignore it 😬

Zeineb Z.
I have a hard time dealing with my phone addiction so sometimes i dont charge it so when its with no battery i will have to go and something else other it helps me and i makd sure i dont put it in charger
You could give it to a family member and ask them to return it only when you finished all your tasks?😁❤

Jociano Q.
Ask yourself, " Do I want to continue down the wrong path? Or start fresh and be a brand new self? " Excuses make today easy but tomorrow harder and the day after too. Discipline makes today hard but tomorrow and other days much easier!

Holly Y.
if you have an apple iphone, turn on the screen time thing. limit what apps u can use and when. also if u have a problem with using your phone in bed, charge your phone in a room other than your bedroom. so before u start your night routine (i call it my outro) your phone is plugged in and far away so it can’t distract you.

Thomas F.
I change the name of the alarm from alarm to. It’s time to unplug & rest to recharge.

This title helps me realize its not just an alarm its an alarm my body needs to recharge.