How do you focus during studying?

Beatrice U.
Gentle focus music (instrumentals with no lyrics), phone turned off, distractions removed, everything needed close to hand.

Loris T.
I was struggling this today too. I think what helped was delegated. If you have other things on your mind like cleaning or cooking or errands, see if someone can help you or some other way of making things as well easy on yourself as possible. Remember that studying is as priority and a great use of your time.

Then it helps to have a strategy or routine for how to study. Reading? Flash cards? Answering questions in a study guide? Try things out and once you know what you like you can get right to it

I set a timer so I have a set amount of time I am aiming for. I have an app called Offtime that blocks the distracting aid on my phone and another called Blip that beeps every 10 mins to remind me what I am doing. Meditation is also a really good practice for bringing back a wandering mind

And I suppose that's my cocktail. Oh, and noise cancelling headphones with wordless instrumental music. Got to put blinders on my ADD brain

Good luck!

Salustiniano E.
Put the phone on the other side of the room, shew gum and drink a nice cup of tea… When I am really strugling to concentrate I, sometimes, listen to soundtracks of movies or asmr.

Jennie E.
I divide material into parts. I use pomodoro to keep myself into work and mix studying with smaller, scheduled "distractions"

Oc Ane Z.
When I study I try to have everything I need right next to me so I can’t procrastinate by going to get things and I will also put my phone away or give it to someone else so that I am not tempted to go on my phone while I need to study

Pauline Z.
I drink Turkish apple tea and I take breaks to do fun things throughout my studying time, such as swimming or walking my dogs. Even if I have a tight deadline I make sure to break up my study time with something I enjoy, it seems counterintuitive but I find that it makes me far more productive than if I sit and study endlessly!

Naomi Q.
First I just do it. I have the intent I will study as long as the chapters needs me. Then, I set a 10-15 min timer. Breaks are great. Helps me retain the information and also help my brain understand the information I just received in small doses instead of all at once. Easier to keep things organized. After, I’ll set another alarm and take breaks as needed. Last, I finish any of the remaining time or make time for a little extra studying before the day’s end.

Candice U.
Actually l hear silent songs while l am studying this way l can concentrate on my studies without listening to what's happening around me

Evelyn U.
I am doing a PhD, so I have been studying for quite a big part of my life. I know that the environment has a big impactc on my focus capabilities, so I have always been studying at the library (already during high school) or in study rooms. Now I have an office and I turn off all possible distractions when I decide I want to study. Studying at home is very hard for me, I tend to get distracted by home chores. Another plus of going to the library or a similar place is that all around you there are people studying, inspiring you to do the same. Having a break once in a while, possibly with a friend to chat with, helps your brain relax and recharge, so you go back to study with a better mood. I have also learned that I need to write, do schematics and repeat. Even during the first read, I write down notes while reading. Often I do no use the notes when reading the second time, but I do try to finish a paragraph or a chapter and then try to rewrite what I just read without looking at it. The last step is repetition by just looking at the main arguments or chapter names or similar. This has worked great for me!

Kasper C.
I take a 10 minute break after every 30 minutes. That allows me to stretch and do some little thing that I want to get off my mind and then go back to studying again. I find this very helpful

Evelyn E.
My focus is at first sharp and then quickly goes all over the place. But it’d not the focusing part that I struggle with the most. Getting myself to actually sit down and start is the biggest issue. I always put it off until the very last minute and always end up with pulling all-nighters.

Tha S Z.
Switch off your phone! Remove all other distractions from immediate view. It really helps me to study outside my own house, for example in the library or in a cafe. Outside your regular environment it is a lot easier to stay focused