How do you find workouts to do?

Andrea C.
Any app, including this has so many workout routines. I add exercises like lateral raises, back exercises, bicep curls, and forearm exercises with dumbells of 5 kg, that's enough to get the Blood pumping

Carmen P.
Well based on what you need specifically to work on that is what you should focus on so for instance I focus on first cardiovascular ( aerobic) then I also do specific workouts for my stomach and lower body routines/ lastly I would do something that helps you stretch like yoga/ pilates. That way you address all areas and not just one. Get with others to help support you it can be so lonely and stressful doing it on your own. But there are times when you need to be alone. So do what's best for you! I hope that helps! With the internet now you just type in what you need and it should bring up options. But if you need somewhere to start try Denise Austin she's pretty good! Start there.

Rishabh F.
it's all about repetitions. there's no good which can come out of trying thousands of different excercises. if you master a few of them, they'll show much better results! 😊 stick to the routine