How do you find the best style of meditating for you? And when ti practice what techniques.

Ali S.
I request a nutritionist to elabore a plan according yo my needs. So I organice the grocery and my meals according to that plan. Also she sent me quickly options for dinner, different options with vegetables, and explained to me how can I replace una food for another one.
Alexa C.
You do end up concentrating, but I’d say it’s a bit different that meditating. It takes focus not to fall over! So it can take a great deal of concentrations to balance and breathe through some yoga poses. It’s a concentration connecting the mind and body, which is why yoga can be so powerful for people who often feel dissociation.
Everett F.
I practice a wide variety of different meditation techniques. Basic mindfulness as well as emotional awareness, release and coping meditations, fx. Just feeling what is using meditation as loving holding space. Also do more spiritual focused meditation, chakra alignment, cord cutting, energetic cleanse, visualization techniques for attracting abundance, affirmations. As well as breathing techniques, would like to develop more on this.
Imane A.
The area there you meditate is as important as the technique itself. I can say that I am not near to be good in meditation but I can say that that time when you take for yourself cleaning all your thoughts breathing slowly and perfectly feeling the deepest part of your body is the successful meditation technique.
Klaas S.
A friend once gave me a tip, that when I have my coffee in the morning, to use that as my meditation tool. "Enjoy your coffee" she said, "And if you lose focus for a moment, acknowledge that thought, but come right back." That trick got me to meditate, as well as be more mindful of the present.
Sofie P.
Hello! I have been using the free trial of headspace for the past week or so and they have a meditation for literally every situation! When I wake up in the morning, I do a daily coaching and a 10-15 meditation. I’m not always completely still or present, but it gives me a moment to check in on how I’m feeling and what emotions or tension might be there, then I take note of that for my next meditation practice and pick one that fits the mood. I’m not quite ready for my own meditation, so guided is great! There’s also a lot of free resources on YouTube!
Sergio I.
I find it quite challenging but before bed i try to let go and use the breathing exercises to let go however we are so stuck with our daily worries and stressfull jobs that there are days where its hard to find focus whiles meditating
Keri N.
I use a simple straight forward app – headspace. It keeps me on track and provides meditations for every need and courses to develop your own practice.
Gavin S.
Morning and evening. Various practices of mindfulness kindness contemplation or vajra sadhanas. Meditating for twenty years.
Tina Z.
Deep pause breathing—-Start by deep inhales and exhaling,pause and exhale etc. pause and hold for four seconds. Repeat,do this exercise for 6 to 10 minutes