How do I stop procrastinating ☹️☹️?

Maria C.
10 minute method. Set a 10 min timer, when it goes off congratulations you can stop if you wish, you have done 10 mins. For easy or small tasks you could get them done in 10 mins. For bigger tasks you have maybe lessened anxiety you feel around that task or at the very least reduced it a little

Julia I.
My tips for procrastination are, first of all be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up every time you procrastinate, there is always time to learn.
For some tasks i use the pomodoro clock, it is 25 minutes of undesturbed work followed by 5 minute breaks where you can do something.

Make sure you work with alarms so you don’t miss your start and stop sign. Work in blocks of 3/4 and take a longer break. Because you know there is a break coming you are not going to dwell on your phone:)

Frederick E.
At this point in time, I do not know how to stop procrastinating. Perhaps and firstly my inner thoughts of telling myself that there is always time, secondly, ease of access to distractions. Thirdly, And lastly, easily distracted by my own thoughts from the goal I want to achieve.

I think to stop procrastinating in my own personal capacity would be mind control