How do I disconnect from my phone to fall asleep?

Lua P.
I try to not have it near my bed. Before I started this challenge my phone was in the bed next to me so I could check the time and use it as my alarm but I would often stay up late messing around on it. I just bought me a bedside clock with an alarm…so far doing better
Sol Ne T.
I don't. This app required me to listen to soothing music as part of my night time routine. I them listen to ambient noise podcasts to sleep. I wish I could.
Sara N.
It is difficult in the beginning if you are addicted to your phone like me so it takes time to set a new routine but once you are there you will feel free and sleep better.
So I put my phone on sleep mode at a certain time in the evening away from me and I prepare my self for sleeping by drinking a cup herbal tea and reading a book. Then I brush my teeth and go to bed. Sometimes I skip drinking tea and read in the bed until I feel sleepy.
I feel more relaxed however and fall asleep easier, if you don’t like reading try meditation or any other relaxing routines that suits you better. It’s important you find what works for you! Hope my answer will help you 🙂
Melissa G.
Same way as you stop doing anything. You just do it. Watch "The 5 second rule by Mel Robbins on TedX". Now excuse me I need to put my phone down to sleep. Goodnight!
Magdalena X.
You can try to do some kind of activity that calms you, instead of looking into mobile phone. You can also turn off the conection.
Cl Mentine N.
I put on some soft jazz when I came to my room. It help me feel less anxious when I started to get ready for bed. I think silence makes me anxious. It helped me fight the urge to keep getting on my phone. I also let any non important conversations just die off. I can always pick them back up tomorrow.
Aisha Z.
Im have set my daily plan , two or one hours before sleep discnect my data and internet line , forgot my IG , Twitter n wa
Enola E.
Start in small steps. Maybe try putting it on airplane mode for a few nights, then try leaving it out of reach, then maybe I'm a separate room. Work up to what you want by taking small steps and making them habits
Nayah Y.
Personally i like to pour myself a nice hot cup of tea grab a novel out go to my room sunggle under the blankets. Put some light lofi or ambiance sounds on and read.
Another personal way of how i dosconnect myself and fall asleep. Is ill actually put my phone into dark mood and then ill put some lofi songs, maybe even a podcast or an audiobook. And put a sleep timer on my phone. For some weird reason i always find it easier to sleep when i have something soft playing in the background. Ots like my mental mind focuses on the nois3 until it tires itself out which enables me to have a peaceful sleep.
Marina F.
The more I stay in mobile the more I think about how I imagine my life when my life is pretty much amazing. At the moment that I feel that I am thinking of things that I shouldn’t and they are giving me bad energy I understand that is time to sleep. So basically I just close my phone, turn off the 4G and imagine myself on the top of a mountain all by myself standing and breathing fresh air.
Evan F.
if you aren’t comfortable turning your phone completely off at night , i’d recommend setting your device on do not disturb , turning down the brightness and setting it down in a place that’s close by but not so close that the urge to pick it back up eats away at you.
Kathy W.
Put your phone on airplane mode at least 30 min before going to bed, replace the time you used to spend on your phone with reading a book, drawing, journaling, listening to calm music, stretching, whatever works for you to keep you calm and ready for bed! Hope this works for you 💕
Olivia O.
You will need to think about a nightly routine that will keep you occupied in the last one or two hours before you head to bed. But to gain that type of momentum, one of the best way to keep your mind off of your phone is to try and eliminate the distractions from it (like social media, games, etc.) So, I’d suggest putting on do not disturb mode, deleting the apps, or even better yet, shut it off completely. Then what? I’m still thinking about my phone, I can’t sleep! Well, that’s normal, and you’re not going crazy, I promise – because I’ve been there too. That’s what blue light does to you, but I don’t wanna get too deep into that. Simply, just sit anywhere and close your eyes and control your breathing. In and out. This is also known as meditating if you wanna be fancy. For however long, five minutes, ten minutes, even one minute would suffice. But regardless of the time, think of nothing but your breathing. Just breathe. Quality breaths. Deep breaths in and out. This is a space for you and you only. I mean, you deserve it after all. Your phone doesn’t have the power to stop you. I hope this all helps somehow, and if it doesn’t, it isn’t the end of the world. Someone as diligent as you will surely figure it out, and if you don’t believe me, well you are on this app wanting to change yourself. You’re already on the right track. But, I digress. I hope you sleep well. And, please take care!
Marius U.
It is really a challenge but once you do it, it will feel great. One tip I can give is to put your phone away from the bed, I have a dresser across the room where I put the phone to charge over night, also I always have a book near the bed, so right after putting the phone away I start reading. This is what works for me, hope I could help. Be fabulous!
Morgen S.
I disconnect by powering off my phone completely and putting it in another room to charge overnight. I also don’t use it at least an hour before bed which helps me relax and unwind.
Jordan N.
I aim to shut my phone down about an hour before I go to bed. Then I either read a physical book, a magazine, or my kindle to help me go to sleep. I’m not good at having nothing to do, which is what makes a phone so appealing. Therefore, I need a replacement, and that comes in the form of my kindle (as of late). If I don’t have a book available, I tend to stay up too late browsing twitter and youtube.
David N.
Set a strict time for putting your phone away. For me it’s 11pm. It was hard at the beginning but every day it’s becoming easier and easier. If you can, set and old-fashioned alarm clock rather than the one on the phone. Put a “Do not disturb” mode on to avoid any notifications that might incline you to pick up your phone. You can do it!
Dana S.
You put it down at least 30 minutes before going to bed and it will help you fall asleep quicker, because of the blue light coming from the screen is making your brain more active and makes it harder to fall asleep
Nora U.
Turning off notifications helps. At night, my phone automatically sets itself to greyscale and do not disturb. Charging it in another room and read a book or magazine instead of your feeds on your phone.
Logan A.
The first I did was tell myself that I will have 30 minutes before bed phone free. I let important people around me know that if they needed someone urgent to call me and not to text me. After this I kept Myself busy. For example, I made tea, washed my face, stretched and prayed. After all this I was tired and this was the hardest part. I normally fall asleep using my phone but this time I tried breathing exercises to fall asleep. It actually worked very well. At first I was like great this isn’t working but then my mind started to ease into the pattern and then I found myself waking up in the morning . I didn’t even realize I fell asleep
Lawrence P.
just power it off and think of all the good things in life that had happened to you and just close your eyes and go to sleep and have sweet dreams:) i love you❤️❤️
Sam Z.
Simply make sure you answer messages of priority before lying on your bed. Then simply switch off and go to bed. I have an App that reads me a bed time story. So I don’t completely switch of my phone. But once I put the sleep story- sometimes sleep music- on…. I’m already switched off. Hope this helps. I’ve also made it a point never to answer calls during bedtime. I let it ring- it’s silent anyway… and call back in the morning.
Renata F.
You can set up time to go to bed. Have your time and rest without of the need to look at your phone. Have a book or meditation to replace in the beginning helped me. Now I just finish my gratitude list and disconnect. Just do it you going to feel great also all the message still be there.
Marie C.
Set an alarm for tomorrow, so everything is done what you need from it, turn on Do Not Disturb mode and leave the phone somwhere not too far, but not too close the bed, so you wont see straight away whenever your eyes roam around. take the book next to the bed if you like – it will help you to tire more. turn of the lights and count the breath straight away so you have no time to think of phone and already doing something what would calm you down. Ema, try it yourself
Rika Q.
Is just will power. I don’t need to know what’s going on in the work just before bed. Is very stressful I like to think in all the things that went well during the day. And think on the things that I can do tomorrow to have a good day.
Atika E.
Logoff And turn on the don't disturb before you turn on the don't disturb turn off all the apps and logout from all social media apps please
So you will not disturb from any noise from your phone. This is called the disconnect.
Thanks for asking.
Jessi N.
I set a screen time limit on my phone for all of my games and social media apps so that I’m forced to put my phone away and unplug. I still have a few apps available all the time that I want to be able to access too but the ones I know keep up late are shut down at 10:00
Magdalena X.
It is good to find some activity that calms you done after the whole day and which is, at the same time, done without phone.
Kelly O.
I set a time where I will put my phone on silent and do not disturb so that notifications do not distract me. I turn off the tv and read or meditate to wind down. Also make sure it is dark and cool in the room.
Hind X.
The most important thing is to keep your self on a schedule, you go to bed at the same time and wake up around the same time. Put your phone on bedtime mode, and put any devices away in another room, and If you can get yourself in the habit of reading at least 30m before bed. I gradually implanted each habit, although sometimes I go off track But l try to get back again. It’s our life and we should have a control over it🕊😊
Magdalena X.
Have you tried to set up the reminder 1-2 hours before you go to sleep to get ready to your bed? That is what I do. When reminder rings, I know I should solve everything I need to and shift to some activity that calms me down, like reading, meditation, or whatever makes me happy and I can do without the mobile phone. I normally also turn off the internet on my device and turn it on only next day during the morning.
Ariela Z.
I put mine on silent and then on airplane mode so there will be no disturbances or opportunities to check what's happening. When it comes to my chosen bedtime, I just automatically follow this routine.