How can I meditate in order to fall asleep quicker and have a deep sleep?

Milo Y.
We've been using the Headspace app for the past couple of months for morning meditation, and started using it before sleep about a month ago. Really liking it!
Sebastian O.
You can use the app, the yoga poses are really good @ realaxing the muscles and the effort it takes to do them will make u sleepy. I recommended the sun salutations one!
Arcanjo N.
Meditation helps your relaxation, so use any type of meditation, which helps you get that. Particular type of meditation depends on your experience with meditation. Real beginners would be stressed by the meditation and it wont help them. Otherwise I would recommend body scan – you are scanning your body from within, muscle by muscle, trying to ease them.
William F.
Traditionally the purpose of meditation is to let go and be silent. While a meditation practice is likely to improve your ability to rest, meditating “in order to sleep” may be counterproductive. Meditate to allow the peace within you to express 😊
Julien N.
The easiest way is to follow a guided meditation for sleeping – you can find one online or you can use the one provided by the Fabulous. Once you find the guided meditation you like, you get in your comfy sleeping clothes, switch off all the lights, get in the bed under a warm blanket, and listen. With your eyes closed, follow the instructions but don't strive for perfection. Allow the mind to wander too (however, try to avoid thinking about actual problems in your life) while your body relaxes. As you relax, the feeling of sleepiness will slowly engulf you. You should allow it. Allow yourself to drift to sleep.
L Rke F.
Hey, I lie in bed imagining that healing light is flooding my body, it comes in through my head and my feet and it flows out through my heart so that I am giving and receiving simultaneously. I do it for 5 mins and forget I have done it as I have fallen asleep already! 😄👍
Oscar Z.
I've been using the Calm App for years. Its affordable and theres no advertising. They never up there prices and you get access to so much great content. That app alone has helped me meditate every single day. They have sleep stories on the app as well as meditations specifically for sleep!
Oliver Z.
Who knows man, if you figure that out, tell me. I've tried some of the apps where they have a voice talk to you with some peaceful background music playing. But I find it often times distracting. At first it's good because the voice tells you how to relax, and they're usually very good at it (I used Pzizz by the way), but after a while, the voice doesn't stop and it becomes annoying. Focus on your breathing and keep it steady. Google: the breathing GIF. Go along with that GIF and follows its pace. Don't cross your legs or your arms. Let your body fall naturally. Focus on nothing but the way your bed and blanket feels. Soft right? The problems of tomorrow are exactly just that: the problems of TOMORROW. You can relax now, but this moment is all about you – and your really soft blanket.
Villads C.
Use meditation apps. Set the temperature in the room to cool and comfortable. Get in a quiet space and comfortable posture even lying down. Shut off technology and tune out distraction. I’d mind wanders during meditation just label it as thinking and bring attention back to practice. If do regularly it gets easier.
Beatrice U.
Why would you want to meditate and fall asleep during it? I would consider binaural beats for relaxation and changing mind state and if you're older then using a melatonin supplement is very natural and beneficial.
Tracey W.
Before sleeping give 5 and 10 min to meditation… Just relax yourself and make your mind empty, just flow with your breathing……
Jaques Y.
I also use an app: insight timer that allows you to split bells. First bell I breath for 5mins, 2nd bell I repeat out loud Ommmmm for other 5mins. Last bell I do a love and kindness meditation for the well being of my loved ones and the world in general for the last 5 mins.
Sue F.
I think if we learn to be at peace with the thoughts coming and going in our mind, we will actually achieve tranquility and be able to achieve deep sleep.
Konstanze F.
I’ve used the meditation on your body method. While your in bed sitting Indian style think of light radiating from your vertebrae. Starting with the top by your skull focus on each one for a few minutes going down until the final one by your pelvis. If thoughts come into your head just focus on the feeling of light and the each part of your spine until your mind is clear. When you’re done lay down and hopefully your mind is clear
Noe N.
In my opinion you should do a meditation in which "sound of silence" is involved which is done by using ear plugs . If you want to learn the step by step process of this kind of meditation you could search for "basic meditation by sandeep maheshwari" on YouTube in English dubbed .
Jules Y.
Just having peaceful and relaxing thoughts. Trying to breath deeply and not think about something that produces stress really helps. 🙂
Carm Rio P.
Just meditate- you fell asleep super fast last night in the middle of the meditation.
Roselei Q.
It all depends what one's preferences are, for some people meditation before bed works and for some doesn't. I don't think it's necessary to meditate to fall asleep. On the other hand, if one chooses to meditate, I think the best would be to get completely ready for sleep, turn off the lights, sit on the bed, relax and breathe and not let any though take over the mind, especially not a thought of having to fall asleep. It's important to have an relaxed approach to the whole situation. 10 minutes should be enough.