How can I keep on exercising when I`m traveling or not staying in my house?

Storm P.
I am on the road traveling 6 days a week. I have an app on my phone that has routines I can use anywhere. Walking with leslie is my favorite.

Xuxa T.
Find alternatives, like if you are traveling and you are tired already. It's better to get a good sleep then get every opportunity to move. For example if you are in the 15th floor try to take the stairs instead of the elevator that's really enough to get yourself some exercise lol. Or just try to get a little tour around the hotel . And if you are not in your house, I'm sure there is parks around or simply run the neighborhood

Engin U.
You can pack resistance bands and do exercise that requires only body weight. Stretch and power yoga poses helps.Most hotels and international airport have fitness center too!

Beverley T.
Find things to do that are still fun for you. Ride a bike on a beach (rent a beach bike-they're different) or go for a walk/run on the beach. All three are more difficult than you may think. Do a yoga practice where you're comfortable. Explore your surroundings on foot or via bike. Good old-fashioned bodyweight exercises work too. Squats, lunges, crunches and pushups can be done quickly and quietly and don't take up much room. Or if you have a pool, lake or ocean available to you, swim laps, do some rowing or just fight the waves:)

Anthony F.
Be prepared with some exercises that do not need equipment and have a sheet of them as a reminder. I like to pack my lightweight, cloth yoga mat and a theraband.

Gabrielle T.
Yoga is easy to do anywhere. All you need is a yoga mat and space for your body to move. There are lots of free yoga workouts you can follow online.

Owen E.
Staying in a hotel while traveling typically allows for a place to workout through the exercise facilities or in your own room. When in someone else's home, changing your exercise routine such that more of it can be done outside is how I handle it.

Ryan O.
Got a smart phone? A little yoga on Downdog, or with Adrienne on YouTube… Endless possibilities.

Willie Z.
Traveling is nice, but exercising at home is better, still you can find a way to exercise when you are not home, ask your hotel whether they have a gym, usually they should have and train there. Or if you are not staying at hotel but travelling, take some time off to exercise. But as long as you walk a lot everyday 15.000 steps you may skip exercise in travelling.

Mathias Z.
I think it is important to think about it beforehand, especially if you travel a lot. Choose an exercise type that can be done enywhere without any equipment. Dancing is probably the great example, because I guess that you have you phone with music. I personally do 7 minute workout from phone, very practical even for traveling

Jacob O.
1. Walk has much has you can around your surrounding area.

2. Try to stay at hotels that have a fitness room.

3. The idea is to always be moving, try not to stay still or in one spot to long.

Andrea P.
When I am traveling I first of all try to walk as often as possible. So I take the stairs as often as possible even if my hotel has 21 floors. Further, I try to walk short distances instead of a taxi. Apart from that I use simple body weight exercises I can do in my hotel room or on a playground to train my body every day. For chest I use a Pushups on the floor and for triceps dips on the hotel chair. For my back I use Australian pull ups on a playground bar and for biceps Australian chin ups on the same bar. Lastly for legs I use jump squads.

Rainer O.
I commit to the 7-minute exercise every day. It doesn’t require any equipment and is quick enough that it doesn’t need much planning even when at a family event or a work trip. I don’t even have to bring shoes.

Peter Z.
There is one definite thing you can do when traveling to get your exercise in and that's walking and looking at the sites. Also you can do this if your not traveling. Jumping rope is a good workout, if you're traveling and they have a gym, running, skipping, jogging, bike running, and swimming to name a few. Hope this helps. Stay Fabulous!🤗

Romane Z.
A yoga mat and walking shoes. A yoga mat means you can do yoga videos whenever or wherever. Include a cleansing spray to wipe it down after use in a space like that. Walking shoes mean you can walk outside. Too cold? Try walking in a store, like Target. It's free and easy!

Adam Y.
What exercises do you recommend for someone who has never exercised? Any simple easy exercises for a daily routine for a starter?

Debbie S.
You can look online for hotel friendly workouts. They're really helpful if you're traveling a lot. Also every little thing helps, like walking up and down stairs. If you're not staying in a hotel, try going on walks!

Nathana L F.
Well, it really depends; if you are at a friends house, or any other house that is not your own, you can get up in the morning, and either before or after breakfast you can do push-ups, sit-ups, or any other kind of stationary excersize. If you are out on a camping trip, and are in the forest or other nature area, only if there are paths that you are familiar with you can do a short / long run.

Tessa Q.
I pace when I talk on the phone I do telephone Care Management all day so I walk as I talk. If you're traveling other options are hitting the gym treadmill etc at the hotel. Use your phone as a pedometer.

Matthieu Q.
Body weight workouts are good. If you travel in the US, consider a Planet Fitness membership, you can use any planet fitness if you are a black card member.

Savannah U.
Find some sort of portable equipment, for me I prefer my pull up bar or resistance bands as they both give me more freedom, the pull up bar is large enough to make you look at it more often, forcing you to realize it's less of an option and more of the next step towards feeling better.

Otherwise just try and motivate yourself to do a few sets of squats/lunges/pushups/situps/ect.. excuses for not doing it only hurt yourself, I definitely know this from experience.

Good luck.

Lineu Q.
An apple or banna is good to eat if you are not staying in one place all the time and a spoon of peanut butter with the apple will help a lot
Breakfast bars that don’t contain a lot of sugar is also effective

Harold N.
When travelling. The hotel gym cam be your best friend. As long as you travel with running shoes and gym clothes. Walking g is your best bet altogether. When visiting friends or relatives I always invite them on my walks. Or ask if they have a treadmill.
YouTube has thousands of short effective exercise clips.

Miguel T.
I had to do this recently for the holidays. I tend to do squats or exercises that I can do in small areas (like an airport bathroom stall because I don’t like working out in front of random people)

Mathew J.
Using online fitness videos (like YouTube) can be helpful on the go.

L Via F.
All you have to do is to walk 10,000 steps!
You can eat whatever you want, all you have to do is to download a step counter app or buy a watch that counts steps and focus on a goal that is 10,000 steps!